Sunday, January 06, 2008

Test your internet skill~

Learn about Ultrasound technicians

Changi Terminal 3 Flower GardenModified Source Code

I changed a small portion of the source code this morning to my blog. I do not know whether did anyone see any changes, but it doesn’t matter. I really have to transfer some wordings from my friendster profile, and append it into my blog web. And it is successful, so ha ha, if you can find the changes good for you, you have been observant. The next to change is to make that crazy clock to move with the scroll bar. Haih. I have not found any guide for that java script yet, so do not know how to make it scroll with the scroll bar.

Amanda Val Ng
I was looking at my MSN, and I notice Amanda have a blog, so out of curiosity, I just click on it, and realized she is from the City Harvest Church. Hmm…. It have been quite a long time. I don’t even know how her contact did gets into my MSN, and only after that, I realizes from her, that I got her contact through the Internet Relay Chat. Oh gosh, is it that long? 3 years? I have discarded IRC since donkey years ago. It must be from the channel #chc that I got to know her. Well, after reading a small portion of it, I thought it is nice to listen to the thought of hers, and put it up in my blog as well. Maybe I can start collecting interesting blog site and post it to my blog. Ha ha. So Cheers to you, Amanda~! May the Spirit of GOD be with you always.

Precious Moment, by precious moments.comFIR
I am now into FIR music now. Well, maybe I should change the song once in a while. I just bought a new album, called Ai Ge Ju. Dunno how to translate that Chinese word, but it is close, I think. Anyway, I find “The Tenth star” is quite good. FIR consist of Fay, Ian, and Ryan, I think, and correct me if I am wrong. They are good in the sense that one plays the guitar, one sings, and one plays the piano. They are a good team, and the first album is quite nice. I love it.

Precious Moment, by precious moments.comAyumi
I was reading the newspaper yesterday, and I am amazed I still got time to read the newspaper. And I came across this news that Ayumi is deaf from one side of the ear, think it is the left ear. She cannot hear anything out of her left ear, and it is irreversible. This is so sad, but she insist that she will continue with her right ear. Is it because of the music? Or some kind of genetic disorder? I listen to Bluetooth from my right ear, will I go deaf through my right ear? Hmm….My hearing is also a bit hard of hear, because of the fact that I listen to music loud when I was in my secondary school days. Why didn’t I listen when people advise against it? Aiyah. Anyway, I am now into using speaker. And at home, haha, it is the loud speaker. No more headphone, unless it is from the Bluetooth ear piece. So there.

Internet quiz.
Here’s something for you, it is to test your internet skill. I actually encourage you to take it and see how well is your knowledge about the internet. Er… one thing I guess is about the google and the valid ip address question. But I do not know is it right of wrong. Try this quiz, simply click on it, it will bring you to the site to test your internet skill. Good Luck~


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