Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sad Week This week

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Devastating Work
Today’s work… is extremely devastating. I do not know. Even Ayumi cannot motivate me now. How can I continue to work with this kinda perception? Today, As I was doing dismantling, I actually have one thing flashes through my mind. That is: Is it really necessary to do things with absolute perfection, knowing that you have to take down one day?

Mr Perfection
I am a person who work and rework to perfection style. Every millimeter is taken accounted for, every leveling is accounted for, every tidiness is accounted for. Yes, this kind of attitude can sometime drive my fellow friends crazy at time, but I really love to see tidiness, and can tell everyone that this is presentable, and marketable. When we talk about laying wires, I will lay them out, with cable tie to secure the wires at equidistance. A tolerance of 5mm is acceptable, but not so much, otherwise, it would look weird.

Strict Standards to Follow
When I paste pictures, measuring tapes and spirit level are my guide to make sure the picture is hanged in complete level without any sight of tilting. Sometime, even I myself cannot take it of the things that I am doing. As I take them down today, I feel complete sadness, because it is like destroying my baby, because in certain things, I spent quite an effort on it, when I see people taking it down, it really hurt quite badly. When I walk around, I can still remember how fun it is to joke and play around during non-office hours in the place. But now that it is closed, it really hurts when I walk around. How many people can understand my feeling? Even the person who work and set up the most, actually applied for 2 days leave and duh. I should have done what he did. Why should I stay, dismantle and be sad over it?

Will I drop my standards after this incident? I guess I should not have this way of thinking, because it is definitely not my style. Maybe it is because of the fact I have been listening to three artists, whose songs are quite sad. Maybe I should have change my songs. But now even Ayumi cannot motivate me to work, what else can do it? Ayumi is the only song that can motivate me. How?

Job Request
On Wednesday, I got a call for a job interview. Nope, this is not the time yet for me to start looking for a job. It is from a factory in Woodlands. Yup, it is the far north, and quite closes to my home. I do not know how it got my number, but they are able to mention my name. They offer me a job which is almost twice of what I am getting now. However, the work scope is a bit challenging, but I declined it. I hope I am not disappointing the person who calls, but I would like to stick to my workplace now for the time being because of some personal reason. I would definitely like to work in Woodlands, so I can wake up late and cycle to work, and save a lot of money. But this stuff is like a contract like that, tying me down. I have loses the opportunity of getting a higher pay job. But I will always keep in mind that no matter how high it is, the opportunity is really out there.


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