Saturday, January 05, 2008

2 More Days~

Are They Ready?
2 More days...I will be free of this prison. 2 More days... for 3 weeks, I have been looking so forward for it. And soon, it is coming soon. It is the massacre begins. I will be free of keeping strict diet and massacre all the favourite food that I so desire. Perhaps, that would cheer me up a bit. I hope it will work. Otherwise, I would really have pyschological problem.

How many people, knows about Facebook? This is the latest trend in the internet, where people can get to know each other, and playing games, giving hugs, gift, and sometime, to earn money to buy things virtually. I am one member of the Facebook.And after a few rounds, I found out one thing. Is this a form of a computer games, or online games, where people have to add this feature, and play around, and after playing for sometime, it is discarded? I am really amused by some of my friends who are able to play to certain top ranking. How did they find the time? Haih. For me, I have to take care of a lot of things, a lot of reports to write, or type, and study to take care of, family and my pathetic room. I really wish I have insomnia so that I can do the things at night, and my eyes are not sleepy, perhaps for 3 months, to catch up with my stuff. Should I add this in my prayer list?

Discard hobby.
I was having conversation with a friend, and realized one thing about computer games. When I was small, I used to hang out in arcades, where playing games are my favorite hobby. I would spend a lot of time and money there, until I am either broke, or no time left. Most of the time, it is not enough money to continue. After sometime, I got tired of playing arcade, and switch to computers. I would spend a lot of time in it, and playing computer games, most of them are RPG and strategy games. As for racing, it is not my style. I like strategy games, especially Starcraft, Dune, Command and Conquer. And I would spend a lot of time learning on computer electronics, that my mum wanted me to take up IT courses. At first, I was quite interested in the IT courses, but after learning about the generation changes, I switch to Mechanical instead. This is because mechanical is my favorite interest. Both mechanical and IT work almost the same, it is like dismantling material and reassemble, reconstruction. For IT, it is also writing program, bridging network, create software. But I am more into mechanical, so here I am. But sometime, I do hope I can go to IT field as well.

Anyway, after seeing my friend’s respond, I think, I should not play anymore computer games. Cos I wanted to concentrate on something else. I am so looking forward to Starcraft 2, but for the sake of time, I think I should concentrate more on my study. Of course, I do post some blogs, so there.

Sometime, I do regret certain things about playing games, because it really can pass time very fast, but because it really takes most of the concentration away. Like how to kill this, how to get over enemies defenses, which tactical building or weapon to destroy. And when it fail, we start over again. The longest game I ever play, is the Command and Conquer, Zero Hour. Where there is a challenge campaign. You can get to choose which general to be, between the United State, China or Global Liberation Army. Each of the 9 generals have their own special ability and super weapon. When chosen 1 choice, you get to challenge the other 8 generals, and defeat them in many challenging maps and environment. After completed using that general, I choose another general, and challenge the other 8 again. The battle is very long, because there are some restrictions in building certain vehicles.

I think I should not be playing these computer games anymore, instead, I would stick more into my study. If time wuld go back, I wish I would not invest so heavily in games. And especially arcades. Hmm…….


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