Monday, January 14, 2008

Time will heals all wound.

One giant Pooh bear ever known.Problems Problems Problems
I got an email, and actually read it today. Hmm…. It actually reminded me that I am an optimistic person before. But that is before everything fall apart as it is now. I do not know how to describe it, but I really do wish I could get a time out and go to two places to visit my friend who is having trouble with relationship, and another who is having trouble with staying in a foreign place. As for the rest of the problem, it will takes time to resolve by themselves.

How I wish I can go out to the world and perhaps try to settle things for them. CASH? No problem de, I got it ready anytime. It is the number of Annual leave that counts, cos I am not left with any left after that Australia trip. Yup, I am planning to go to Australia in the near future, so that 3 weeks leave is very precious to me. Otherwise, it is hard to apply for unpaid leave. I also wish to take some time out, to relax myself, cos I can't seems to adapt to the new change here and then.

After one week, Ayumi songs still cannot motivate me to get my mood right. I think the feeling that I am having now is really very devastated. It is like the end of the world. But I will never take my own life out of it, because this life belongs to GOD, and I must live it through, no matter how hard life is. Actually, another artist perhaps can get my mood back, She is Ai Otsuka. Dunno does anyone know her or not. She is a cute girl, who sings cute songs. The only problem is she is singing in very fast pace, sometime, I find it difficult to catch up. Ai chan is actually introduced to me by one of my friend in my first job, Ken Fay. He got the CD from a promoter, and then passes it to me after hearing the first few songs, I kinda like the way she sings it, quite cute de. As for Ayumi, her songs is heard nice from the Tower Record, while I was looking for Aikawa Nanase’s CD. Anyway, the reason why I didn't get to listen to Ai chan, is that I have already sold her CDs, and I gotta buy a new set if I need to listen to it. . . . Maybe I should get it soon, or maybe I should give myself some time to cool it off.

Working now
After the department changes, working for me seems to be a struggle, because I have got to see a lot of trails left by the rest of the ancestor. To improve it really takes quite some time, because there are a lot of problems, and usually things doesn’t work out the way it seems. How am I going to face the meeting board every month from now on? And then, there is this renovation work going on, and the contractors really made a mess out of everything, I have a lot of problem to raise to the foreman, but the foreman have to report to another person, so practically, I cannot touch him. I think my boss is also having this problem. Sometime, I really think, close supervision is really important when contractor is doing work, because you know the system, electrical and plumbing system, but they do not know the way of the system.

Brake Shoe near empty
Today, as I was cycling home, I realised that my brake shoe is exhausted soon. Hmm... finally, cos I was about to think when will it finish. This bicycle brake is quite long lasting, I think it have been 2 years, since I changed it. and it really is quite expensive. Well, most likely this saturday, I will be going to Techlink to change the brake shoe. I like going there, because they sells better quality bicycle parts. For my bicycle, it is always the good quality that count, but it must worth the value too. Cos if I can take good care of my bicycle, I am sure it will take me safely on the road.

Today, I went to meet my hair stylist, Amy, and have a chat. She is my dedicated hair stylist, and she is good in the sense that she knows what I want, and she really knows how to give a good hair wash. After all, if you don’t trust your hair stylist, who else can you trust? You are putting your most important head to them, so must really trust them. So far, she has been cutting for me for 2 years, if I am not wrong. And her cutting skill is quite good. Even her own hair also have style one. At a time when I was left with no fixed hair stylist, I hop around, and was later introduced by Joanne, another hairstylist to Amy. Then from that day on, after finding Amy’s cut is very good, I always approach her whenever I need a hair cut. Thanks Amy.


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