Friday, January 18, 2008

Going oversea soon.

Vacation booked.
No matter what happens, I have already planned out a short short vacation that will happens within 2 weeks time. All thanks to the help of a friend. It's a He, and nope I am not a gay, ok. Sometime, guys can talk better among each other de, but there are people who view them as gay, don't really understand.

Did you know that Gay and Lesbian are establish right from birth,because it is a fault on chemistry called chromosome error?

I really thank GOD who answered my prayer, and sent him with his msg. He was looking for people to go with him, so yours truly, is going soon. I have rescheduled all my entire year leave, and redistributed it again. So should be no problem now. But there will be a problem in future, because there will be a default in the number of leave, that I gotta take some unpaid leave in future. oh Duh.

A lot of work and worries have stockpiled up so high, I am trying to clear them all. And nope I wun be going to china. Because it is too far. I am going somewhere nearer, so it will be cheap budget have been setted, and accomondation have been set too. Anyway, it all settles then. Now all that is needed is to submit the leave form. haih. How I wish I can get all these things out of my mind and out of my life. but there is only 1 thing left that cannot be removed, unless the person agrees with it. But no matter. one day I will resolve it. It just need to get to the right timing.

Not knowing
Sometime, not knowing things, is actually better than knowing. Ever since I came into this new department, I have seen a lot of defects that have been defaulted by so many generations away. And just merely 2 weeks on the job, I have aready established a list of more than 20 defects, waiting for clearing and improvemnets. What are the previous people doing? How long does it take to finish them all? Luckily I am not in charge of building B anymore. I am fully concentrate on building A. otherwise, I will really go berserk.

Hmm.... Is it because people are turning a blind eye to the defects, so they can escape it? I am not a person who will turn my back to it.
I face it front. and the front is really scary, but I must be determine to face all the difficulty. Sometime I really wish to give someone a very good scolding, because he is really nagging, as though I do not know what to do, Please lah, this building system is like a map in my mind liao lah. Some even smoke me, but I just pretend I do not know, and see how it backfired, before I go up and do it myself.

I am really tired. So much things to do. no time for SPA, need to study part time course, no time to study jap, no time to renovate my study room, no time to watch my favourite show, and tonnes of questions in my mind about everything that I know of, and they are personnal stuff.

Morning show
Every morning, I would wake up and turn on the TV, and watch this HK drama serial in TV8. It is about some rich people's affair. And now, it is no more, and what they show is "My Fair Princess" hmm.... to me, this show is not something I like. Because the story is not good in my [point of view. I would prefer some other show, like some HK serial. but no "kinderd spirit" hoh, cos this show is damn long, think like 3 or 4 years, with thousands of eposide. And the story is very meaningless to me, unlike the previous drama shown every weekdays morning. If possible, put Doraemon, at 0530. then I can watch while eating my breakfast. wahahaha. And even best, if TV5 shows garfield. ha ha. sounds like I have not grown up. but most of the time, I eat my breakfast at 0530, unless I have nothing to eat at home.

On drama I like, would be frasier. A drama, dunno from australia or america one. Quite nice, and funny the way they speaks about the daily life. I specially like Neils, because he speaks very fast, and I have to catch up with his joke sometime.


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