Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I want a vacation~!

My adorable bears"If one day you were left with one day of breathe, what would you do?"

This is what I suddenly pop out this question when I was on the way back from work. It is a very simple question, yet, I was stuck with it. What would I do if I have 1 day left in this world……

I was quite worried of how I get this concept out of a sudden. Is the Death Angel speaking this through my thoughts? Is my days coming to an end soon?

There are many things I would like to do, but one of them is that I wish to have KFC chicken before I kick the bucket. And before that, I would like to tell someone that I would want to be in the coffin with my bear bear. My dear little cousins, better take note of this statement, ok? My white color bear…… and then, before that, I wish to meet a person and ……. Hmm…. But I would definitely not let anyone knows about it before then, cos I work like a ghost, like what my colleague always says. Silent, and unknowing.

Actually, many people may thing I would wanna die, but I am ok, don’t be misunderstood. Anyway, I will never leave my mum alone in this world de. I know how badly hurt she is when my dad passed away, so I must strive to live with GOD’s guidance. But if I were to die one day, remember about the bear, and leave the maize clothing on. There is a meaning for that.

Working style

My working style, maybe I should say a few things about my working style. I am a very fast paced person, who is very determined to get things done, one way or another. I always walks around, and sometime, even into deep and strange places that no one goes to. I am a person who gets red eye easily, meaning that I see something that I think it is wrong, I would want to get it fix or corrected fast. And I need help. Basically, most of the time, no one can help me, and no one can keep pace with me. I especially do not like people to override my instruction, or objectives. This is because when faced a problem, my way of correction is all planned and simulate in my mind, before it is speak out. Occasionally, there are people who would argue over it, and I would listen to it, and either take his way of method, or return him to my method back. If he still argue over it, I would let him do his style, and I watch. But if it is a one shot job, I would rather do it myself.

How I wish there are some more better help, so at least I can get things fixed earlier. I know, today I offended someone today, because he wants to throw something, that I think can be used. He insist that he wants to throw it away, and I flare at him, that he left me alone. Deep down I know, these things are new, and unused, yet they can be put into use. If they were to be thrown away, it would be a definitely waste. I do not like wastage. I can re-engineer certain broken items, into another uses. I think I am good at these things, but I only have 2 pair of hand. No one have the ability to see what I am seeing. Maybe it is because my way of thinking is totally different from others. I like to work, and I enjoy of it. I would go early in the morning, and leaving late in the evening. Partly it is because of the fact that my office table have been re-constructed to be very home feeling, and cosy. Last time, the office table is really a drag, that I takes two hours out daily after work, to re-construct everything in my area, to make it spacious and cosy. In the end, it leads to jealous eyes, and they want me to do for them. The most tedious task of it, is to fix up a air con diffuser right on top of my head. And to make thing difficult, I am doing it alone, and it is doing “live”, meaning the Air handling unit is switched on. So a lot of dust are flying around the ceiling.

Really, If I were to be left with one day, I would like to meet up a person, and say out the things that are kept in me. Right now, all I wish for, is for a good vacation to anywhere in the world. Anywhere. France, Italy, Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, anywhere. Hmm… but……it could not come to pass……perhaps this year, it will not come to pass.


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