Monday, January 28, 2008

Suharto Passes away

27th Jan 2008 Suharto pass away

Today, at 1310, the former prime minister, Suharto passes away, to multiple organ failure. Perhaps, this is ok for a man of 86 years of age.

Many Indonesian sees him as a corrupted man, who took a lot of money, and give special treatment to his relatives when he was the prime minister of Indonesia, but if we were to read up on the history books, Suharto had contributed a lot a lot for the people of Indonesia. He have sketched out and made Jakarta a very flourish capital, and made some charitable visits to poor homes. And at that time, there were peace. It is only because that Indonesia is made up of many other country, it may takes a lot of time to organize them. 1 Man, with all his means, maintained the peace, and country Indonesia unite. But then, when the economy took a turn, everyone were panic, and they all put the blame on Suharto. But what no one realized is that it is happening everywhere around the world. It is only perhaps unlucky that Indonesia lose out more because there is not enough strategy to keep the fallen economy stable. Thus, everyone panic and overthrow Suharto. He gave in willingly, and his son, Tommy, was also hunt down after he run away. But in the end, he was caught up, and sentenced to jail.

After he was brought down, many people wants to be the top of the Indonesia, but they may find it unable to keep the peace, and everyone revolt, and one after another they were brought down.

Suharto have visited Singapore many time, and is a close friend to the Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew. There is even once, when Mr Lee went on a unofficial visit, specially to look for his old friend, and it also created an uproar. What is wrong, if people is paying a visit? Hmm…. But even though Suharto is a corrupt man, but his good deed have outdone his wrong deed. In the business, there is no such rule as a forward and straight rule. He just bend it a bit to make a small sacrifice, for a larger changes. He may have the habit of storing wealth for himself, but who knows, in the event of greater financial difficulty, he may be willingly give it up, and store is again, because a very responsible man, would keep all wealth to himself, because he knows other than himself to safe guard his own things, no one can.

Maybe it is because most of the things he did is not recorded down, Remember Chee Soon Juan? When he talks about the billions of dollar borrowed by the Indonesia, which is untrue, Suharto did not even take a single cents because he believe he can make it through the difficulty. Thus, Indonesia never borrow any money from the republic, even when Singapore offers it.


This is the restaurant I eats for dinner tonight. Wow, it seems it is a halal restaurant, and I got a salmon for it. It is very nice, but the portion may be a bit small…For $11, I can get a triple size of that salmon, ha ha, but the veggies are very nice~ Maybe I should try this some day.

Breeks restaurant have only one defect, the light. I believe the owner did not realizes that his halogen lights are too strong, because it is creating a glaring to our eyes. To me, I would not hesitate to take it down, because I really hate this type of thing. Maybe, I would ask the manager to change to the 20W type. Anyway, I think I should drop a note to them.

Breek have this tower something, as a dessert, which is very nice, ad sweet. Yum yum. And to our surprise, there is milo powder at the bottom, and well, gotta stir it up. Quite nice, but a bit sweet. Maybe it is the ice cream. Next round, I am going for the half spring chicken, looks real tempting, and the half mussel. Hmm…. I think this habit of forward forecasting can really get me into it. I usually plans what I eat in the next visit de.

Web Cam Tested

Today, I have tested this web cam that I bought with a friend. Oh duh, dunno is it the network, or some hardware, dunno where is the problem, the MSN always drop dead halfway de. But this web cam is quite nice looking, small, and it is from Microsoft. It added an additional features, that we can put in some icon next to the picture, and makes it look really cute de.

I thought it is my network, so I have to shut down certain programs, and divert the network to the MSN. After all divertion of the network to the MSN, it is using only 0.7% of the network resources. As it is not even 1% of the full power, I think the network lack should be from the other side. But this also leads me to wonder……is the 0.7% refers to the full power of 100MBPS or 3MBPS? If, it is 100MBPS, by right, it should be set 3% as the maximum, because 3MBPS is 3% of 100MBPS. And if 3% is the maximum power, it should goes to 100%. But since it fluctuate between 0 and 3%, I take it that the maximum power is 100MBPS. Yup, as you, if it is the IT gizmo guessed it, my network speed is 3MBPS, and I think this is enough for me. If you calculate and break them up, You will find that 3MBPS is the most economical internet rate offered by Singtel Broadband.

Then, I also thought it is the sound, because there is some echos around, so I change the speaker to headphone, to prevent speaker sound from returning back to the microphone, but it still can’t work out. In the end, I have to give up on it.

The Camera I uses is Microsoft Lifecam VX-1000.


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