Friday, January 25, 2008

Second day of block leave


Today, is the second day of my isolation from the rest of the world. Yesterday was the first, hmm…. Feels kinda relax and carefree. No more thought of any job status, as long as I don’t look at the building, I think the thoughts will never come to me.

Second day is to catch up with my study, and to get to learn the new topic, Project Planning and control.


My apologies to all the rest of my friends in my workplace. It seems no one know about my long leave break, except my immediate superior. I was out yesterday whole day, until at night, when I got home, I saw the MSN message, I found out one of my friend was very angry over the fact that he got a email bounced because of the auto reply in my email system. How odd, I thought the news always spread fast about me de. Anyway, one person was very angry over it, and I feel so sorry over it. But nonetheless, I feel great today already. Looks like my method of de-stress is working well. Most probably it could be better once I settled my heart down.


Feels like going to Australia, after hearing one of my friends describing how wonderful it is. But well, it is in my planning, and waiting to execute it at the end of the year. How many people have went to Australia and find it nice? The only think I know about the Australia, is the koala bear and the fish and chips. As for this time of block leave, I will be going to those places that I cannot go because of my work. And the end of the schedule, it is to go to KL, and have fun there. Yup. In my most happiest moment, I can be fun doing things de.


Today, finally, the song of Ayumi has lifted me up now. Her song, “Honey”, have made part of my mind focus again. I do hope more of it will be assisting me to clear my thoughts of all the rest of the troubles that I am going through. So……I think I can skip that Ai Otsuka CDs now. Think forever, Ayumi will be the best singer in my head de.

Jay Chao

This singer……what can I say, It doesn’t appeal to me. Most probably is because

1) It is a male singer:

Most of people who knows me, especially my cousins, knows that I do not listen to male singer de. Maybe cos of the brain hardwire that appeals more into female singers, such as Sammi, and Ayumi, or any other female singer.

2) It is Chinese

I seldom listen to Chinese songs, cos I prefer more into English songs. This is because , there is a time, I find certain English songs quite good, so I keeps on listen to it, until Nokia Bluetooth come into my life.

3) The rhythm

of Jay Chao to me is too fast, and I just couldn’t catch up sometime. But the most important is the words he is saying is like what the Taiwan host Wu Zhong Xian says: very fast.

One of my friend says she like Jay chao songs. So I actually don’t know how to reply back……and because of this, we may have this big gap between us le. So…..Nothing much I can say.

Source Code Modification

Today, I have again modified my source code yet again. Yup. I discovered a big gap in my blog, and investigate on it, and found out that one of the banner ceased working. And that us why, it is leaving a big gap in my blog. Thus, in order to cover that space, which I do not know which script is pinpointing that, I substitute it with a banner of my own. Yup., If you noticed, it is a banner of a Sarduakar, and the ORCarrier logo. Cool, right?


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