Wednesday, January 23, 2008



I can’t believe it, someone uses one of my nick and chopped my place in one of the email service provider. No matter, I have discarded this nick, and use my usual nick to apply for another email.

Now, a total of 8 emails address I owned. But only 2 is commonly used. Hmm….and of course, my website still remains the same.

This is something new about blogging, and ,aybe, you can try it out. Just go to this web site, and read the explanation and do what it tells you. It can help to promote your blog de.

And these blogging community, is indeed, more to it than meet the eyes. It seems there are a lot of potentials in getting more traffic into the blog. But it’s a start wo.

Cut on my cute little finger.

Today, I got a cut on my finger. And it is quite deep, cos it is cut by a shear cutter. One of my powerful tool. GOD~ I really should hav obeyed your message when I feels the tempting to use the proper wire cutter. Haih. But somehow, I got the shear cutter instead. And due to not concentrating hard enough, I cut my own finger. Luckily, it can be attached back. The blood dripped all the way, and thank GOD I got my first aid with me all around. I open my first aid pouch and try to stop the bleeding, and immediately go to the clinic for a proper dressing.

You know? If a wound is not properly dressed, it can get an infection and leave a mark on it de. So I gotta go and get this treatment. And… a day of MC for it. I dun want…… I got tons of things waiting for me to do. And 3 in particular, I wanted to do it myself, because everyone is doing it wrong. But I was left with no choice when my manager insists I take a day off. I was not in my proper mind.

Source code modification again

I have modified my source code yet again. This time, it is for my convenience. This new appended source code, is to add on the font and alignment automatically, instead of I have to key in manually. That is to say, whenever before I type a blog entry, I must specify the alignment and font and the size. And these formats are indeed long and tedious, and every closing must be specified.

But today, I thought of this new idea, of appending this format to my blog format, and tada~! It works, even without specifying in the blog entry. I am so proud of it. Now I can just type the entry without specifying the format.

Other than changing the format, I also alter the sound to another source: My friendster music. This is because the blog cannot find the music “You carried me” since the friendter music have taken over the place. Actually that few days, the blog can do without it one, but just recently, it stopped. So I have to direct the blog to fetch the file from the friendster database. Hmm…. If Ayumi’s song is not copyright, I would put it up. But since it is……too bad.

My Mind

I know. It has gone overboard. I have started my leave earlier, all thanks to my mc loh, thank you. I am at home now, and well, I will start to go to other place and clear my mind, and to get some peace and quiet, out of the world’s affair.


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