Monday, January 21, 2008

Train Disruption

Disruption to train services

How many people, were disrupted by the train today? It really cause a really big out roar, because the delay is 7 hours, and ironically, the train that broke down, is a work maintenance train. Luckily, I was not affected, but can you imagine how huge the rsh hour crowds are? It is very HUGE~!

I once experienced it once, and I had it with it. I now leave for work 3 hours in advance, and will escape these kinda situation. Remember the train was disrupted, but I was out of the line, and was not affected by it.

I went out early, because I want to start things up slowly. And apparently, nowadays, it seems a drag.


It is confirmed, I have lose my entire foothold in my work. Everything has overloaded, and information is over-flooded. Communication has totally breakdown among me and 2 fellow officers, and I am very serious when I approach to them today to ask for a meeting. Basically, the work among us is clashed with each other, and we have to set out a map, to check on the delegation. I have lost control, and I will and will not give up getting that control back.

My mood is not used to what it was. Short tempered easily nowadays, and impatient in getting things done. I am very particular about many things. I am a perfectionist, and I want it done soon, or I may not return to the spot. But….no one is able to achieve the standard that I want. 3 more days, I will be free of these. 3 more days, I will be left with nothing else in this working world. 3 more days……I must endure it.

“Get your mood right~!” That is what one of my friend said. I am trying to, but I tend to let emotion rules my life. I went to the highest spot, and I give it a shout of my life. No bird came, no one heard me, and I shouted for some minutes. But the emotion returns again. It must be my perception. My perception has changed. I am looking at thing different from others. I can feel it. How can an engineer think like a technician? How would an engineer communicate with technicians in industry? I want answer. I know now how my engineer feels when he is talking to me previously. Mr Tan, He is my first boss. He is an engineer, and has lectured me many times. He is seeing things totally different from mine. And now, I am looking at thing different from others. How can I bring them back? This building mapping has been mould into my mind. I am seeing things totally different from them now. I wish, there is someone else like me, who sees what I sees, who is competent to do what I requires of them. How can I train them up?

My mood is very confused. I am so totally confused. I really must pick myself up, and establish another stronger foothold. I have the best headquarter in my office, but my outpost…..they are a rag. Totally rag.

What would Jesus do?


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