Thursday, January 24, 2008

Origin of ORCarrier

Many people might have wonder why is this ORCarrier. What does it mean, and where it come from.

ORCarrier, the full name is Omni-Rail Carrier.
Before then, it used to be SORcarrier, Shiar Omni-Rail Carrier.


Shiar is a highly intelligent being in other galaxy, ruled by a very high tech habitat. Protected by Gladiator, the Princess won the people's trust and living in harmony. They are excel in Space travel and can fold space.
Shiar word was later omitted, because of feedback that this makes me sounds like a Arabic person. But I am a Chinese, ok.


The word omnirail, is originated from Lucasarts game called “Afterlife” It is the Ultimate Rail transport for the souls to reach the Karma Portal after they have finish their punishment in hell.
OmniRail nick was used from 1996 to 1998 in the Internet Relay Channel, commonly named IRC, and ICQ.
OmniRail is later changed, because of a copyright problem with a group band, who miraculously have the same name.


Inspired by Frank Herbert's Novel, Dune, the whole universe that Frank describes depends on a navigator, to fold space and teleport guild in order for time travel. Each guild, operated by CHOAM, can house tremendous space shuttles and Carriers.
Other than that, Blizzard's Starcraft helps to add in the word Carrier, because it is a huge Battle Cruiser and house numerous Protoss Interceptors that attacks to clear the way for Protoss Carrier.


Thus, ORCarrier, is fully adapted in July 1998, as a nick for irc, icq, hotmail, yahoo, tripodasia, google, ebay and every means. This is because of the unique name and no one have yet to derive it.
Of course, ORCarrier is sometime mistaken as ORC, the barbarous being in Blizzard's warcraft. But HEY! This is no way! Ok. I am a kind and gentle person. And this if for you to know, for you to find out

ORCarrier Versus Sarduakar

Sarduakar is a secondary nick below ORCarrier. On certain occasion, the nick ORCarrier cannot be used, because of some network problem, something like sudden disconnect from the network, but the nick still remains, and then, the nick Sarduakar is later used until the network reset their own database. As I do not go to IRC now, so this nick Sarduakar is later abandoned, since it have no uses for it.
But Sarduakar, is also inspired by the same novel book by Frank Herbert. It describes that the Sarduakars are the elite troopers of the Emperor Saddam the fourth. His house is the most powerful, and own this elite troopers, who kills without a single mercy. According to his novel, no matter how powerful Sarduakars are, they are annihilated by the Atreides Sandworm and sonic weapons. For the science fiction fans, this book is quite good, cos the way he describes the sand dun environment is really hard to imagine, but it is quite descriptive.


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