Saturday, January 26, 2008

L Change the world

L change the worldL change the world

This is the movie I am so looking forward to. It is a Japanese L change the world. IT is the third sequel to the Death Notes. I hope it is very worth it, after reading review about the cloverfield.

I look forward for more actions, rather than words. In the Death note 2:The last name, I think practically, mostly the movie is into talking, and describing of how L and Yagami fight in the duel of mind over mind. But the ending is really really sad, cos Misa lose her love, and cannot be returned. It really is a very sad ending, I bet everyone who watches it weeps over it. Oh gosh. Can you imagine, how terrible sad a girl is, who lights up candle on the departed boyfriend’s birthday, every year, while your fans are anticipating outside? And She would cry and cry, with photo of Yagami.

For Kenichiro: The Yagami refer here is Yagami Light, Not Iori Yagami, ok, don’t be confuse with this Light and Iori. Hee hee

Death note is also very nice. Thought it is the first, but it is also the battle between Yagami and L, where Yagami owns the book, and wanted to kill L. But L has outsmart yagami, because he uses fake name. Thus, Yagami cannot learnt his real name. And it is only when Yagami traded half of his life for the “eye of the death”, he can learnt his name, and just kill him straight away. But yagami never do that. He need his lifespan.

It is also exciting in the battle of the mind, because it is just like playing chess, one wrong move, whether Yagami face the jail, or L face the death.

1 hours on the top of Singapore.

Today, I went to a place, where I can see the whole of Singapore. On top, I took a tea, and sits there, doing some soul searching. I have sort out certain part, and to find out what is wrong with me. There are certain things that I do have to let go. I should not keep on hang to it. Instead, letting go would be a better option. Part of me, don’t bear to let go certain things, but I find it harder to let go than to hold on. But I chooses to let go of it. Thus, I have decided to let go, so that it would not stay around.

I like to stay on a place, where it is so high up, and take a look around it. It will makes me relax. Another will be sitting by the seaside. Just listening to the waves, and just think aloud what goes inside my mind. I used to go to the Sky Lobby in United Oversea Bank in raffles place to take a look around. It is only after that Sept 11 incident, they close the lobby. Thus, I have to find another place, an enjoy view. Not even my ex-gf knows where I goes to when I am sad.

But usually, when I am angry or sad, I avoid talking to people, because I am very aggressive when I am in that mood. But it is not very often. I avoid them, so that I will not offend them, and in the end, paid up with the friendship, and add some scars to it.

Lin Junjie

“你要的不是我” This song is what I hear closely today. It is a sad song….Well obviously, it is a song, but when it starts, it really is sad tone. And the lyric is really quite sad also.

The second song would be…..”Now that she’s gone” Yeah. This is something I have been holding on, since last year. This song, reminds me of one person. She is Xiao Lan…After she is gone since last year, I only know now, what was left, is our song. We have a song……and I used to put it up in my blog. But when relationship turns sour since the computer trashing incident, I took it out. And after some time, we were never meant to be. . . . well, if it is something that we cannot get along, I think, there are things that are never meant to be, and we should just let it go.

Woodlands factory

Yup, it is in my schedule now, woodlands factory, will be going there on Monday. It is to replenish some tools, and also, to sell some items, and to get my bicycle tune up for better performance. I enjoy going ther,e because there is this chicken rice that is very the nice, and quite worth the value de. Because the owner and the helpers are friendly, it really makes going there very enjoyable. And the food is really nice.
Woodlands factory is the place, where the mechanical tools are cheap and durable. Another place I know will be in Ubi Ave 1, Block 1. very easy to remember de.

Other than getting new tools to replace the missing one, there is a bicycle shop some distance away, and I can get some parts, or ask them to check my rim, and to pump up the tyre. And I would also take a look at the rest of the bicycle, to see whether is there any bicycle that I like.

Over there, there is also a scrap shop buying scrap materials, and buying at a higher price. I just go there to take a look, cos sometime, a spoilt item, can be re-engineered to be a better or working product de. But sadly, I have not reached that stage yet, but seeing the scrap material can also update myself.

And in this place, there is a shop selling nothing but screws. Yup, imperial, metrics, fine thread, extra fine thread, rough thread, shoulder, full thread…All kind of screws.


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