Thursday, January 31, 2008

Doraemon and the magical world.

This is a movie review on a very long movie. It is called Doraemon and the magical world.

There are some related scenes, twist and turn over the story, but it is a really well made anime, which last more than an hour or maybe two.

The beginning of the story may be a bit confusing, but in the middle of the story, they will reveal how the statue of Doraemon and nobita came in the beginning, like the statue of doraemon fell into the house, and how statue of nobita fell into the field.

It all begins when nobita wanted a magical world, and keeps thiking about how he would be able to impress someone with magic. So he asked doraemon for the “What If” telephone booth. Over the booth, he ask for a magical world, and he got it, but he was unable to perform any magic, because he is, of course, bad in it also. (Nothing I can say)

Then the demon world arise, and wants to take over the world, but the moon shine prevent the demon from taking over, because the moon have magical power that repells all evil spell. When nobita knows how serious things are, he quickly rush home with doraemon to ask the “what if” telephone booth to restore everything back. But nobita, as usual, usually throw things around the house, and his mum threw the booth away. They went, but found the booth, totally gone.

Nobita and doraemon and everyone have to fight with the demon king, but they lost. Until when nobita and doraemon is left, doraemon thought of the time machine, to get back to the world before nobita uses the “what if” telephone booth.

Coincidently, the demon king learns about it, and summon medusa, to stop them, or the demon king will be defeated. Thus, medusa follows doraemon through the time portal and caught up with them, and turn them into stone.

At this stage, two ending came. As doraemon in the beginning, returned to the 22nd century, doraemi, which is doraemon’s sister, went back, and found doraemon and nobita in the stoned condition, and uses the “time cloth” and restore them back. Doraemi took out her “what if” telephone booth, and it ended. Another ending, is when nobita thought about it, returns, and suggest to save everyone before using the telephone booth. They went back, and kills the demon king, and returns everything back to normal.

The show is quite nice, because the anime is very fast, and there are many magical items, like how a statue protects the house, how a carpet become a room. And there is even some tall tale sign about how things are related, and you have to watch closely. Cos somewhere in the movie, one of the team member turned against everyone, and took the scroll that can imprison the demon king.

Overall, I would like to give four and a half popcorns out of five. You have to be a close fan of doraemon to understand some of the gadgets of doraemon. This is because, at one scene, doraemon and nobita ended up in doraemon's "fourth dimensional" pocket. Inside this pocket is a huge space, and a lot of gadgets are floating around. Doraemon in order to use the "Werewolf torch", accidentally hit something, that cause the chain reaction, and in the end, coincidentally activated the "werewolf touch" and return doraemon and nobita back to normal for a while, before they returned back to statue again.

The bouncing is really fast, and I didn't get a good look at the bouncing gadgets. but there are some, I recognised though. And in the movie, there are a lot of gadgets in use. like "Four season pendant", "Anywhere Door", "Opposite reacting lotion" etc etc.

I am more of a great fan of Doraemon. :)


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