Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cinema Price up again. DUH~

Another increase

Yup, yet another, an increase in the price, of the none other than…the cinema ticket price. Nowadays, living standards are really rising. Flour price rise, sugar rise, taxi rise, now, even the cinema ticket also rise, with cathay leading in the way, with $10.50 for block buster movie on weekends. I remember the last time ticket is only $5.50 for weekend show. And now, they raised the price to $10.50. It is actually reaching the breakeven point of the DVD price soon. In the past, $5.50 is far away form the price of the DVD, and now, with the price of $10.50, it is yet even closer to the price of a DVD. As a matter of fact, the price is even higher than the pirated DVD price. UNBELIEVABLE~!

One person watches the movie, $10.50. Two people watching will cost $21.00. This price has already breakeven with the price of a DVD, which cost $18.00. So why pay for the price of one, watch once, where you can buy a DVD, and watch with whoever you want, and you get to watch again and again? And in the comfort of your home, without interruption of the handphone, people talking to each other, people “rocking” your chair with their leg. To some people, it is to endure the freezing cold of the air-conditioning.

At World’s End

Yahoo, the third sequel, Pirates of the Caribbean, at world’s end has delivered. I am going to watch it tonight. It is quite a nice show. There are a lot of fights and jokes around. I only dun like the ending, where Will turner can only meet his love, Elizabeth, once every 10 years. This is very very sad~! Why everyone wants to produce a show like the final fantasy one, no happy ending at the end. There is only sad ending. Even the Death note, Matrix, Terminator all end in sad story. Is the world of fairy tale over? No more living happily ever after?

Boat Quay

I was in Boat Quay today, resting my soul and my mind. This is so odd, I think something is kept on confusing my mind, and I have decided to choose the step, but my mind just couldn’t go directly to it. My logics are going another way which I do not wants them to go to. Something is really amassed. Just couldn’t put my finger to it. It have been some ages since I been to Boat Quay. Ever since that Mirana Cake visit, I have not been to the Boat Quay ever since. So today, I was there, watching the sea, boat, and reading this book. Occasionally, I look up, and watch the birds. How carefree they are, and they are forever in competition in looking for food. Don’t they ever get full?

Again, I went to Mirana Cake and get the chocolate cake. It is very nice. The taste is still as best as ever. How I wish, there is this someone who would be here to eat with me. But…… This is all I can say.

Primary Braking System failed

This is so weird. Today, I found out the braking cannot released. This is so weird de. Cos I just serviced the brake yesterday, and today, after it braked, it wouldn’t release automatically. I have to bend over and release it, and then try again. And again, it doesn’t release. This is so sad. I have to use my secondary braking to stop. As for the other brake, I have to stop using it until I went for checkup on the bicycle shop again. I don’t like the secondary braking, because it should work with the normal braking. IT is usually used as an emergency brake, and it applied the wrong pressure, the whole bicycle can topple over. Hmm…. Hope I can get it check as soon as possible.


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