Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just want to be ALONE~!

Reaching SOON~!Oversleep
This morning, I was actually sleep till late, hmm… think sleep half of the morning away. It is nice, cos for the first time, there is no noise outside, and there is a bird chipping, like very peaceful outside. . . . Reminds me of the scene from the Will Smith movie “I am legend” Everything is so quiet, because the zombie are hiding away form the sun. Speaking of the movie, I really hate the ending where Will Smith dies. He should be the hero, cos he found the cure, yet, because of the small lady’s ignorant about the blood, leads to the zombie following Will’s bloodstain back to the house. Hmm….

Cai Shen Dao~!Woodlands Sector
Anyway, In the afternoon, I set off to the factory to first get my fresh supply of new set of tools, and then, to dump the scrap materials that I found in my store room, and change that pathetic worn out brake pad.

Along the way, I passes by this Cai Shen Miao. And ha ha, reminds me that the Chinese new year is getting close soon. Hmm…thought of taking a photo of it down. For your info this miao is a mixture of Taoist and Buddist de, so as to how those people pray to it, seems to have a lot of ritual to it. There are a lot of statue inside, and of course, it is quite huge and popular among Sembawang.

Ban Lek Scrap IronTechlink
After passing by Woodlands, I go next to Admiralty, Tech link. It is another place where there are a lot of machine centers and hardware store. Personally, I don’t buy from there, cos I know a shop which sells cheap tools in woodlands. And I merely go there for scrap material, and the screws. Speaking of the screws, I actually forgot to bring a sample to the shop, So din buy screws today. And then, I went to dump those scrapped materials. Seems it is really strict selling hardware these days, there are a lot of things to register down de.

Bicycle shopNext, I went to Service the bicycle. And it is just a routine check on the rim, braking system, bearings, tyres, Suspension. And speaking of the suspension, the oil is actually running low for that suspension. So no wonder the suspension sometime doesn’t come up. But after the guy top up the oil, it looks just like the day it first leaves the shop. My bicycle looks like a drag, but what no one knows is the bearings and braking system is the solid part, and does not need to be good looking, otherwise, there will be many people eyeing on it. Yup, there are scratches all over, but it still runs. The brake pad is upgraded to a higher quality brake pad, and I do not even know which brand is that. But after a new brake pad is installed, the bicycle can now better than before.

Sun Plaza
After that, I went to the Sun plaza to get my dinner, and hmm… today’s fish is not so tempting as before. I went to have a look around, and finds nothing tempting to buy. As I leave Sun Plaza, the storm is coming, and catching up on me. Gotta race with the storm back to my house. And this storm seems to be playing with me, cos it doesn’t rain after I got home. This is so sad.

Doraemon: No man’s land Medicine.
Yay~! a New Bridge coming up~! and it's about time~!Last Sunday, the Doraemon’s topic, “No man’s land Medicine”, leads me to a thinking. When we are pushed by people who wants this and wants that, facing those who we hate, don’t we have a thinking that we wish to be alone? I do have this feeling often, just wish that I am alone, and no one else is around. Well, Doraemon came up with a medicine that nobita drink it, everyone disappears, and he has to live all by himself. No matter where he goes, no matter what he do, there will be situation that leads people away from nobita. For the whole day, he was looking for Giant, and the rest of the people, he sees no one. Even when he got back home, the home is dark and quiet, cos his parent went for a movie. After that, nobita cry and sleep off. Are we not able to live in this world alone? I wish to be alone sometime, just me, by the seaside, nothing disturb me, only the sound of the sea waves brushing up the sand. On everyday. And a house just next to it. Or if better still, get a pent houe, stay on top of the world, and enjoying the sun and breeze.

Isn’t that wonderful?


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