Thursday, January 31, 2008

Network off: 1st to 3rd Feb 2008

Japanese Rice
This morning, I went to this food court to eat this chicken rice. Hmm… How should I describe it? Am I used to eating Japanese rice? I have ben eating Japanese rice, and when I come to this stall, I do not know what rice is he using, but it really taste like……hollow to me. Japanese rice are QQ, and round, and a bit of moist. But this rice, is oily, hollow feeling, and hard and long. Don’t really appeal to it. anyway, I like the taste of the Japanese rice, and it was a curiousity one day, when I was in Isetan, and was thinking how it taste like, so I bought one packet home, and cook it. It is really tasty. The grains is soft, and nice. Hmm…. But my mum taste no difference. Duh~

I went to this blog, made by one of my cousin, about dogs. Well……my photography is a total wipe out……I cannot compare to her photography skills anymore. She is a very talented and outstanding photographer, taking picture of the plants, dogs, scenery. What can I say? Change my camera?

Raising Price of lunch
Next week, I will be bringing up my budget for my lunch. From $4 to $7. This is because after much consideration, I wish to raise it up, so I can have more choices. What can I say? If my budget remains to be low, I could be losing out a lot of good food in town. A lot of food in town is very expensive, and I actually raised before from $2.50 to $4. now I am bringing up again, so can have more choices. Sometime, can say eat veggie and rice until sian le, must eat more. Many people have commented that I am quite thin. So maybe, by raising it, I can eat more and be a bigger size. Otherwise, I would have really gone with the wind.

My breakfast will still remains the same though, $2 per day, minus the coffee. Pathetic it is, but it is sufficient. And still, it is veggie and rice. I try to avoid chicken wing, though they look tempting, in the morning. I don’t like oily food in the morning. But to me, a coffee a day in the morning is a must. And it must be strong. Hohoho, that is why, I brew my own coffee everyday. And if it doesn’t work, a trip to starbuck or spinelli will do the trick. But most often, I go for the spinelli coffee, because it is very thick. So thick, it can last probably the whole day. But the price is a high class price, so I usually brew my own coffee in the office.

Blog close for 3 days.

I will be busy for the next three days, which means Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Yes, sir. The blog will not be update during these three days.


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