Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Repairing Hard Drive

Half day today.
Today was working halfday today. And duh, Other people are resting, but I am working halfday. Why ar? Why the system is different from the management de?

Anyway, this morning, we nearly have two fire incident, and it was lucky, one was prevented by a technician, and another is avoided by yours truly.

The first fire was actually about to start, because there is a neutral wire dislodged from the connector. So, occasionally, there is some arcing sound. One technician went to verify it, and then reported the incident. I went with him, to check, and later, on top of the ceiling, there are sparks, and a small portion of the ceiling was on fire~! It is lucky it is still small, and detected early! I quickly blow it out, and cut off the wires, and went retrace it back to the main circuit board. And to my most astonishment, the distribution board is inside a shop, which rest for the day for the Chinese New Year Eve~! No choice, I have to do it, I have to do the correction under live power condition. It is really very exhausting, because when the neutral wire is disconnected from the source, the wire that I am repairing, becomes a live wire instead of a neutral wire. Live wires are very difficult to work with, rather than the neutral wire. They have the ability to give a shock, and produces sparks. It took nearly half an hour to repair it, and under those circumstances, there was no powerline tripping. Otherwise, we really have to call the owner of the shop back.

The second fire is actually inside a shop, where the transformer was burnt, and a small fire was started inside the light box. We have to get the extinguisher ready in case of anything happens. Oh duh. It is again me. Why do I have to operate so often? This lamp is ever harder than the one I dealt with earlier. Because it have ignitor and capacitor, which may explode under high heat. I have to quickly dismantle it, and cut off the supply wires, and put it under the nearest diffuser to quickly reduce the temperature. I really fear the safety of my technicians, because it is an urgent, and dangerous job for them, and a slightest wrong move, it can give a electric shock, or explode. That is why, I have to do it myself. I hope this will not happen again, so suay and tired.

Hard Disk number 3
One of the hard disk, actually faulted and stopped few months ago. And it is today, I take an opportunity to open up and check it out. It is an independent drive, so with or without it, the PC can still function. The only purpose of it is to become a storage drive. And restore when either of the hard drive failed.

How to repair a faulted hard drive. Hmm….


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