Sunday, February 10, 2008

Library nowadays......

Ayumi;s album, GuiltyAyumi’s Guilty

Yup, I finally got it, Ayumi’s Guilty CD Album. This is a new Album, and I think it is just recently released bah. I was actually going to get something, but ended up in Music Junction, and the album Guilty caught me attention. Have not opened yet, cos not enough time, but I think it must be good bah.

Media has it that the stock for Ayumi’s music company dropped the moment words has it that Ayumi’s left ear is deaf. But, I believe it would not affect her vocal functionjust because one of her ear cannot hear anything. Beethoven did music even when both of his ear is deaf. I believe if Beethoven can do it, so can Ayumi wo. So keep it up Ayumi~! Even if you are deaf in one year, I will still support you de wo.

It’ve been a long long time since the album My Story came out. I think quite nice bah.

Jay Chou

Is he getting more famous? An entire row of display s filled with his CDs, VCDs, MTVs today. Wow, is it his birthday today? I was astonished when I stepped into the Music Junction, and couldn’t caught up with the sight of his albums on one particular display rack. Or maybe he is going to give a performance in the foyer or a stage nearby?

Anyway, I got hold of one of his album, and downloaded into my phone, maybe I should pick up one or two song from it, and practice. who knows, it might be useful in future. Anyway, one of his song, caught my attention, and perhaps for a limited time period, I would put it up. hmm.....but it will change eventually.

Photo signature

I was just stuck upon, by one of my cousin’s comments on her blog. She said that she wants to create a signature for her photos, because they are just too pretty, and a lot of people would want to copy them down. After hearing that, I think I should add one for mine too. While she is using Photoshop, I am using Pictureit form Microsoft. Ha ha, this is the only photo editor I am using. Xiaxue’s blog also gave me an idea on where to put it. Initially, I put it at the lower right of the photos, but now, following Xiaxue, and a bit kiasu, I try putting it diagonally, dunno how will it perform. Well, leave a comment if you have.

Ah Long Pte Ltd TicketLibrary.

Community library. . . just a personal comment, I think the library nowadays is not conducive for quiet study anymore. Most of the teens will go to the library for study, and they go in a group, to discuss about the projects, and computer things. And there are parents who brought their kids, and they would run here and there, crying and shouting. Though librarians are patrolling around, and telling people to be quiet. But the moment they leave, they would start talking again, and it really irritates me. There are some, who would put their bag down to reserve seats, and run to dunno where. I find this as quite a selfish act, because it leaves no chance to those who would really wants to study.

In the end, I ended up back home, to square one, to study.

One of my most memorial piece, is I was looking for a seat in the community library, and I chanced upon a table, and there is one girl sitting on it. She is taking two space, and I went over and ask whether is there anyone sitting on it, and she replied that her friend is coming. As there is no seats left around, I tell her whether can I sit down for a while. And she said her friend will be coming soon. I just put my things down, and signal my friend to come over, and we sit down, and do our study. After three hours have gone by, I finished my assignment, and so is my friend, and we just pack up and before leaving, I tell her, “Your friend is still not here? Three hours already leh.”

A bit sarcastic. Hee hee. Anyway, it happens years ago, so there. But then again, at that time, I can get very angry if I did see this sight though.

27th Feb 2008 L Changed the World.21st Feburary 2008

Yup, this date, is the start of the show, “L changed the world” I am so looking forward to it, and it is a Japanese, and it doesn’t matter to me, cos they do have subtitles. Anyway, I have checked and found out this is the show, telling the 23 days of L, who is going to change the world, by solving a crime problem the first and the last time, he is going to solve it without the help of his faithful assistance, who is killed by Misa’s Death note, and he have to solve it physically. Formerly, he solves crime problem with the help of his assistance, and also he does it in front of computers, and now, he have to walk out. Misa is one left alive, so in the third installment, will Misa plot her revenge on L or not.

How come L got his last 23 days is because he made a bet with a detective to uncover Yagami as Akira. The detective who is the father of Yagami, do not believe that yagami is the Akira, and in order to convince him, L wrote his name on the death note, and made a bet. In the end, Yagami died because the death god betrayed him by writing Yagami’s name on the death note. So when the second part ends, two death notes remains. Yagami’s death god’s notebook, and Misa guardian god’s death note.


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