Saturday, February 09, 2008

Last day of Chinese New Year.


Elmo, to everyone especially for those who are in European country, Elmo is the red little puppet from the sesame streets. But to me, Elmo, is a dog, a Maltese.

This dog, is from a cousin of mine, who now owns two doggie. Amazing, and unbelievable, but with two dogs, one can be a companion of the other. But a bit tiring for the owner though. Ha ha.

Owning a dog, in Singapore, is really a big sacrifice for the owner, because the expenses of the vets, and food, and even the toothpaste, is more expensive than those used by humans. Ha ha

Anyway, Elmo, is a very adorable dog. It’s white fur is very nice to touch, and the mouth, is very cute. Sometime, I just like to open up its mouth, and look inside. See if it is eating anything. Ha ha.

Sometime, Elmo keeps on barking at me, dunno why is he doing that. But there are certain timing one. An he seems to be afraid of me, reaching out to him. Like I am going to catch him, chop and cook into stew. Ha ha.

I once took Elmo home, to take care of it for a few days, and he likes it a lot. Cos he get to go down walk, and sniff around. And of course, pee all over the place, and on every trees. But as long as he like it, it doesn’t really matter. But one thing I find it tiring about owning a dog, is that we have to be home almost all the time, and someone at home, have to look after them, and feed them. For me, this is not my lifestyle, unless I got a partner who likes dogs. And also, I like the things they are, cos part of my flooring is carpeted, and the room is maintained well. Looks like owning a dog is out of question for me, unless I got myself a pent house.

Pent house.

This is my target, a setted target, to get a pent house, on top of a condominium. Will be saving up, for a peaceful top of the floor penthouse. And get away from this place, where the road I just few meters away. If I get a pent house, I would like to be on the roof, well, overlooking the city. I was at this place in punggol yesterday, and saw this place, which have 18 storey high. As I climb up, I saw the view is magnificent, and very windy. It is actually overlooking the city, a fade image. Really quite nice. But the block is fully sold, so too bad.


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