Saturday, February 09, 2008

Ah Long Pte Ltd

Chinese New Year MovieSecond day of Chinese New Year

Second day of Chinese New Year, I was so tired, cos I was woke up and have to wake up to go out to eat this dim sum in the morning. As is the routine of the Cantonese, my relatives brought us to the Fortune Restaurant in International Building to have a feast. It really cost quite huge, but everyone have to pay their own. Ha ha. I thik I did not eat much, all thanks to my mum who heated up one big pot of soup in the morning from yesterday’s leftovers.

I am Disappointed in the Dim Sum in Fortune Restaurant

I think cooking up this big pot of soup is one of her scheme to stop me from eating too much in the restaurant. So I did not eat much this morning. And speaking of which, I also did not get to eat suckling pig this year. I usually have suckling pig in Chinese New year, looks like this year there is an exception because the restaurant is not the usual restaurant, and so there is no suckling pig. This is so totally sad.

After that, I went to this place around bugis, to take a look at the some big giant poster saying about the fate of the animal horoscope. To my astonishment, it says this year, my luck is a totally downturn, and this goes with my health. I think I should take care…… After that, I went over to look at some of my friend’s. One of them, who is a rooster, says the luck for rooster is good, and only the fact that have to take extra care for the health, everything goes smooth for them.

For one exceptional day, my home electricity and water is switched to full power, as everyone came to my home, and switches on the power for lights, tv, aircon, everything. We were very busy attending to them. And it is finally, I get to open my panda chocolate balls, which I bought some days ago. I like the Meiji Panda chocolate ball. Very nice, and tasty.

Ah Long Pte Ltd

In the evening, we went to catch this movie called Ah Long Pte Ltd. Hmm…. It is quite a nice show, seeing how Mark Lee act as a sissy guy, and how Fann Wong act as a gangster boss. I think there is some remembrance between Fann Wong gangster and the Korean movie “My wife is a gangster”. It is a bit the same, and the settings are in Malaysia. Looks like they are filming in KL, cos the scenes are the same as the one I visited some days ago. Quite familiar. As to why they chooses KL to film, I think it is because KL is huge bah. I was so tired, I fall asleep in the show, and was woke up when muthu appears. Ha ha, didn’t catch the joke quite fast enough, so a bit blur. Overall, I think this show will be enjoyable, if you know Chinese, hokkian and Cantonese. This is because they switch language very fast.

Ah Meng Died

Today, 48 year old Orang Utan Ah Meng, an icon of the Singapore Zoo, died of old age. She is made an icon, and had been featured in over 30 travel films and 'interviewed' by more than 300 writers.

In 1992, Ah Meng received a special award from the Singapore Tourism Board in recognition of her contribution towards tourism in Singapore.

As an icon of the Singapore Zoo, Ah Meng has met numerous foreign dignitaries and world-renowned celebrities such as Prince Philip, David Copperfield, Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor.

I even have a photo taken before with Ah Meng, with me, my dad and my mum. It is a very long time ago... Well, that's all.


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