Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day.

It always begin with the question "What's Luv?" (Fat Joe Ft Ja-Rule), thats when people would perhaps invite you on board and do a little "Crusin'" (Gwyneth Paltrow & Huey Lewis) cos thats where some say Love begins.

Those were the times when people would call each other their "Dearest" (Ayumi Hamasaki), spending the nights "Dreaming of You" (Selena) saying that they care not about the person on the left, the person on the right, what their parents say or what the friends say "As Long As You Love Me" (Backstreet Boys). "Duo Ku Dou Yuan Yi" (Jin Chen Wu aka Takeshi) that no matter how hard it is, they will "Say A Little Prayer" (My Best Friend's Wedding's Cast) for you as a promise. That all they ever wanted is to "Grow Old With You" (Adam Sandler - Wedding Singer Soundtrack).

In the hard times, when the guy couldnt comprehend whats on the girls mind, or when girls simply couldnt bring it across the question always pop: "How Do You Want Me To Love You?" (911)! That really all that they ask is to be "Close To You" (Carpenters). "What Can I Do"( The Corrs) to make him understand - Oh what a familiar phrase to the best friends that's around.

And yet when the occasion calls for the declaration will always come, that I want to be "At The Beginning With You" (Richard Marx & Donna Lewis). Even times when we thought they did something real bad the faithful one will always say, "I Will Still Love You" (Britney Spears & Don Philip)

Its really sweet when its truly made in "Heaven" (DJ Sammy & Yanou). Singing to you that "Underneath your clothes" (Shakira) theres an endless story...

hmm... the best part of it all, is waking up in the morning, "Coffee Tea or Me Wo Ai Ni" (Emil Chau & Tracy Su)



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