Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

Yesterday was valentine's day. Nothing much happens, but I was listening to this song, and I was suddenly thought of someone.

She is someone who is my friend, but I just wish she would be open up a bit, cos I sense that there is something is bothering her. But I just want to wish her a happy valentine's day.

This is made by a girl, who says to a boy.....should be read in a girl's perception.

I hear a gentle voice from somewhere
Which might have always been heard
The warmth found just near to me

I was forgiven by forgiving many things
Including my childhood so long ago
I was healed, though I intended to heal
I've just noticed, in the way
That I was saved by love
Though I tried to keep love away

You come down quietly from somewhere
And always tell me
Of the happiness just near to me

Supporting and being supported
I draw close to you little by little
Protecting and being protected
I get convinced
That I was saved by love
Though I tried to keep love away

If you have a pain hard to get over
Shall we share it and walk on?
Gathering pleasure too big for each of us
Shall we share them and walk on?

I sing this song only to you now
You are my special treasure
No rain, can't get the rainbow


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