Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blood Donors

Door Closer

Why do people invent door closer……Sometime I wonder is the invention of door closer, a good thing or a bad thing.

The benefit of a door closer, is to close a door, automatically, and this is extremely useful in the event of fire, because it will close the door, and not allow the door to open and let the fire into the next room.

Today, I witnessed some people opens a door which have door closer, and just walk out. Hmm…. Well, the door remains open, and people talking outside can be heard in the room. So I went and close the door, and guess what, the next person who opens it up, did not close after going out. Is it a trend not to make and effort to close the door?

Feel quite frustrated sometime.

Blood Donors

Is the blood donors decreasing? Is Singaporeans avoiding blood donation? I hope more and more people would stand up, and go for a blood donation, because blood cannot be made artificially and public are advised to donate bood, so that more people would benefit, such as those who loses blood in accident or operation, plasma for burnt victims, and white blood for the sick.

I am a regular blood donor myself. I view blood donation as a way for my body to cool down the temperature, and also, to give the body a way to recycle more blood. Yup. Blood dies, in the body daily, so why not donate it out and save people? I went to health Science Authority in Outram Park every three months, so I can donate out the blood. I wish they would take 2 packets instead of 1, but the nurse refuses. So too bad. Anyway, It is a 5 minutes process, to me that is. And ther eis a free lunch too. yup. curry puff and a cup of water.

Replace Brakes

This evening, I find a time out, and cycle my bicycle to a shop, to have the rear braking system replaced. I changed to a new braking mechanism, and it cost me quite a sum because it is a powerful and branded. hmm.... at least it is not as expensive as disc braking system. I am using brake pad system, so only thing worn out will be the brake shoe. Anyway, other than changing the braking mechanism, I also change the tyre, so there will no be so much traction on the road. The reason why I change the braking mechanism is because after braking, the spring will not release the wheel, so while cycling, one side of the brake will still hold on to the wheel, and make cycling tiring. Hmm.... I am thinking of changing the wheel rim as well, but it cost quite huge, cos it is a $120 investment for a alloyed rim. Maybe I just walk around and ee whether is there a suitable rim. Then again, if I change the rim, I might as well change the whole bicycle. Hmm... a Full suspension type.

Full suspension

The bicycle I am using is a Urata half suspension bicycle. It is full body aluminium for lightweight. It can run very fast, and can be faster without the heavy duty chain. For security, the chain of my bicycle is a extremely thick and of course, expensive type. just one lock alone, I can buy a bicycle.

The reason why I do not get a full suspension is because I wish to fetch my mum from the MRT station sometime. Having a full suspension bicycle, I will not be able to install a back seat. Whereas Half suspension bicycle can, because of the frame construction.

I prefer full suspension bicycle, meaning the front and back is mounted with suspension ring. For half suspension, only the front have a suspension cylinder, and not the back. Full suspension bicycle are nice, because the shock from the ground will be absorbed by both suspensions, and ride can be smooth even on rough road.

Suspension is also good for the tyres, because it is in the middle of the reactor and reactions, and the spring absorb energy from both side, so that the stress by the ground is spread to both the suspension and the tyre, rather than the tyre itself.

I am looking at one full aluminium and full suspension, and it cost $350 for it. hmm... quite worth, but......I just changed a new braking mechanism, gotta make the full use of it.

Depression in Work

Nowadays, I am quite tiring. Things doesn’t seems to work, looks like I have to come up with another plan to make my work more efficient. Sometime, I really find it hard, to work with three superior, because they each have their own job scope, and methods of working……

One guy, Mr Y, he is a very anxious person, and I really don’t know why he like to put his feet on anything. He have in his mind the problem, but sometime, I find it annoying because he repeats his instruction, and I already know how to follow. He changes his instruction and also the job scope.

One Guy, Mr K, unlike Mr Y, he is a slow and steady person. He says he will not chip in, but he somehow, managed to dig in. And a bit long winded, but sometime, when engaged in conversation, it is hard to get off. He say one thing, like checking a thing, and the next second, it changed again.

One Guy, Mr L, he is a very, how should I say, a very innovative person, but a person who wants perfection. He can do the things, but it leaves no chances for others to learn. When frustrated, all the F word starts flooding out, and scold non stop. Sometime, he shout and throw things one. I remember once, he throw a ladder onto the floor because it is not a stable ladder.By the way, it is a 10-step ladder

Being a small soldier, how can I work with them in peace?


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