Sunday, March 02, 2008

Fugitive in Singapore~! Are You Ready to fight him if you see him?

See these pictures? This is the man; every singaporean is keeping a lookout for…..Even his accompliance. Well, he is quite dangerous in a way, that he is plotting means to do terror work. News of his escaped reached the Interpol as well, and even my friends in China have come to know about this. Oh gosh, I hope this will not tarnish Singapore as a high security country. But it has proven that no security system is 100% perfect. There may be some flaws that need to be checked. And how the detainees escaped, is also weird, cos he managed to escape during a toilet break. I would pity the officers who are in the detention center, because everyone will be busy writing reports, and to answer to their superior officers of how it happened. And one thing that came to my mind is how come it have been such a long time since he was deported to Singapore, he is not yet sentenced and sent to changi prison? Is he so dangerous that even change prison don’t want to keep him?

Out to a bigger cage
He is out on the street, a not so free man, only changed his cage into a bigger cage, and everyone is out looking for it. Some parents, for fear of their family, took leave to look after their children. As for me, well, he better not come to me, cos I carry weapons everyday and night while walking on the street. And that would be the spirit of GOD. I pray that he would come to his senses and surrender, and then, serve his punishment, instead of running here and there, suffering all day and night, out in the open, forest, with the rains. Yeah. I guess GOD is helping us now, because of all those days it doesn’t rain, it have to be now, when he is out running. It is as if GOD is raining to him, to make him cold, so he would suffer more and come to his senses soon.

Anyway, to escape to Indonesia, may not be simple, because everyone is patrolling the sea for him, and searching any small boats and ships. As my cousin said, everyone is looking out for him in the south; will he be running to Malaysia through the north, because everyone is concentrating on the south? Hmm…. That really makes me wonders.

No matter what, if you see this man, you can either:
1. Pin him down
2. Fight with him,
3. K.O. him,
4. Punch him faint
5. Preach to him,

And lastly, call the Police.

In case you don’t know what the number is, it is 999. Of course there is no "999" on the telephone button, but you punch the number 9 three times.

By the way, his name is Mas Selemat Kastari. If you find hit hard to pronaunce, just say he is the man everyone is looking for, from the detention center.

Photo source: Channelnewsasia


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