Friday, February 29, 2008


End of Operation Management

Yup, Finally, one subject is finished. It is called Operation Management. Yay~!

I was busy preparing for this subject, that I stopped posting blog, because I was tired everyday from studying all the way. It’s a tough day everyday, of course, cos I have to work and study at the same time. Anyway, one thing not forgetting, I am still busy with the facebook, in case most of my facebook buddy are not aware.

If Fiona is reading, you know how expensive you are in the facebook, that I have to invest every single opportunity just to raise enough funds to buy you over? Yup.

Drug Lords

I am also into “Drug Lord” in the facebook as well, because of this heat tournament with the whole world, competing to get to the number 1 position. So far, I am still in the top 1000. this is so sad. By the time of post, I am number 692 in the ranking. Hmm…. I think this is enough, because it the tournament ends tonight. I hope I can get into the top 10 in the next tournament round.

Buy and Sell

In the buy and sell, I get to buy and sell my friends, over this program in the facebook. Fiona is the most expensive person I ever bought, because she is getting more and more popular, and her value raise up quite fast. When I told her over the msn of how popular she is, she actually changes her photo to a better looking, and more people buys her. But till now, I still managed to keep her as a pet. If you sees me in the facebook, do add me in, and I can share this three nice application with you. I am into “Drug Lord”, “Green Patch”, “Slayer, werewolf, vampire, zombie”

PC slowed to the claw

I am beginning to suspect that one of the RAM seems to be shorted, because the RAM indicates it is 512MB, but I have installed 1GB into the PC. And this PC, is the internet PC. Everything slows to a crawl again, and to add to my agony, the hard disk also slows down. Perhaps it is because of the long time usage or lowered RAM?

Anyway, I am sourcing for a new PC now, and so looking forward for the next IT show on the 6th March. I am looking back to the desktop, cos it is more affordable, and more powerful. Also, it can be expanded much more. Maybe it is because I am more familiar with the desktop parts bah.

This is a picture of my flower, that I have been planting. It finally bloom~! Yay~! And well, one happy event leads to another event. On the day this flower bloom, one of my friend is leaving the company. So sad de. But anyway, life still gotta go on. So…..this picture flower is for you, Cynthia. 


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