Saturday, March 01, 2008

Purple Flowers.

Top 400 in Drug LordHmm… This is so weird. The Drug Lord is suppose to end on the first of march, yet, now, the tournament is still ongoing, so dunno what time does it ends. Anyway, I made it to the top 400 today.

Nothing much today, I was suppose to go to this place in Whampoa, to get my Bluetooth replacement, but somehow, I woke up late, and missed the timing. Anyway, it rains big this morning, and really very lazy to go out.

Purple flowers.In this special place, I have a negotiation with a cleaner, to join hand in hand and make a plot of land, small plot of land to grow some flowers. This small plot of land is at first, deserted, and not cared for many years. So while looking at it, I found this cleaner, and found out she is keen in the gardening, and the only problem she faces is the fact that the soil are very hard. So we agreed that she will tend to the garden, and I loosen up the soil for her.

Therefore, in one day, I went to loosen up the soil, and change it to a better type of soil. After that, she will put in her plants, and watch it grows. After some days later, she called to say there are many ants in the plot. Thus, I get some medication for the plant, and water the soil with it, to kill the ants. Otherwise, they would eat up the plant.

This time, the flowers come out, and it is really nice. Hmm… I wonder….


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