Friday, February 29, 2008


My drug lord ranking 416Today is so called the Leap Year day. It I a day, which exist once every 4 years. This is because in scientific term, the earth circie the sun 365 and a quarter revolution. So to make up for the extra revolution, a day is added on the February 29.

Drug Lords tournament end tonight.

Tonight is the end of the tournament for Drug Lord. So far, I still did not managed to get into the top 100. but how about top 500? Ha ha, I got into the position of 416, and eems that there is not enough time to make anymore amendment. Anyway, I will look forward for next month’s tournament. 

Muva Lamp

A second investment into the Muva lamp. It is a small little light, that have this wax in it. So when the lamp is turned on, it will heat up this wax, and will melt it. After that, by heat convection, the wax will rise, and as it cools, it will get heavy, and drop and repeat the process again. The first Muva lamp is red in pink liquid. Whereas the second is a yellow with blue liquid.

Papers Papers everywhere.

I was reading this article by someone recently, and what he points out one thing, is quite true. I have went to verify in the morning, and finds that what he says is true.

The write says that in Singapore, although the government is spending huge amount of money on saving energy, spent by buildings, and save water, and even to protect trees, yet, it loses to big company. This is because the big printing press, are publishing papers, and it is often distributed to the wrong person, and deliver to the wrong hand, who wasted all these resources, just for a bowl of noodle.

The scenario is that in Raffles place, every morning, thousands and thousands of newspaper are distributed to the public, free of charge. Readers, most readers, who read it, will either throw it around the floor, waiting for the cleaner to clean it, or they are thrown into the dustbin. I have witnessed myself, that a woman, took a “My Paper”, go up to the ground leve park, put on the bench, and sits on it. She later drinks her coffee, and after that, she would pick up the paper, and threw it right into the dustbin, without even opening it up and read it. What is your view? If newspaper are distributed to those who doesn’t read it, what purpose does it serve? Especially in raining day, when the commuters found it is raining, they just go back, and grab a paper, and use it as a shelter. And when they reached the destination, they just chuck it into the dustbin. Is Singapore practicing green effort?

And the amunt of the newspaper distributed in Raffles place, is even few times more than those distributed outside.

In Clementi, or any other stations, you can see old folks queuing up waiting for the newspaper distribution. And then, they would take one, go to the end of the line, take another paper, and when back to the end of the line, and do it gain, to take more papers. And what do you think they would do with the newspaper? Just selling it to the rag and bone man……PITY


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