Thursday, March 13, 2008

PC and Laptop fully established~!

Master PC and Internet (NEW!) laptop fully configured

Ohm this is so happy today, in the morning that is, it is because I have fully re-configured the Master PC and the new Internet laptop to the complete and stable set. They both with the help of the new Seagate hard drive, are fully protected against any computer crash that may happen, or any lost files. With the help of the Norton Internet security, most of the system are protected against any new virus and security lapse.

As per normal, the Master PC is usually offline mode, but data is highly protected. Only one problem left is the lack of one mouse, and the absence of networking in the house.

I am trying to setup the wireless network in the home, so that both PCs can communicate with each other, and files can share among each other. The only think lack off, is the thumbdrive which is at home.


Work nowadays, seems to be quite exhausting. This is because there are so many flaws, that are not seen by people, but they are part of the system. A failure of one system can eventually cause the fault of another. This is so true. Sometime, I really do not know what do the superior officers wants. Three people, giving commands, and I flare at one the day before, because he is suppose to be in another department, yet, he is putting a foot into my department. I flare at him, and he even counter back. Everyone immediately were confused who is to be in charge now.

In building B, there is a major fault in the system, and from the observation, this fault have been exist for a long time, only thing is no one can detect it. When I saw this stains, which exist on every floor, I took some sample of it, and studied the floor plan, and then retrace it back, to locate the source. In the end, during one of the tracing back, I found an access panel, and there are winds coming out of it. Armed with screwdriver, which is a common unit, I open the access panel, and found out that one of the pipeline is actually dislodged, and waters are splashing inside the hallow wall. Locating this leak is extremely difficult, so I went back and think of ways to locate it. All thanks for the mirror in my office, because it lead me to think of reflection. One of the characteristic of water is the reflection. I went back again, and this time, with a spot light, I shine from the bottom, and find anther access panel, 4 floor up, and observe. True enough, with the reflection of the water, I managed to pinpoint on the exact point of leaking, and return to ask for help. When I return with reinforcement, without spotlight, I found out true enough, without the reflection of the water, no one can possibility locate the exact point of leak. Because everyone cannot sees it. As I have already know where is it, I get them to focus on the spot, and they saw it.

Every defects leaves a trail

This is very true, because a building system, once setup, never go away from the system unless someone change it, or something breakdown, and create a chain reaction.

Although many defects, which are merely small, but after a long time of undetection, it can lead to failure. This can be said for a belting system. When belt cracks, it will create a slip, and the rotation will be slow. A very sensitive person, can detect a change in airflow, and return to the Air Handling Unit, and check on it. If it is left undetected, the belt will break, and the bearing will be under a instantaneous high peak stress and damage a portion of the racewheel. And if the racewheel is left running in the damaged racewheel, it can cause more damage, and cause misalignment to bother driven and driver pulley, and in serious case, misalignment can cause the rotor to hit against the housing. In the end, the whole motor can just change a new one at a higher cost.

As for the defect, if left undetected, people may just scrap off and repaint, leaving the defect there. And in few months time, the stains will return, and the whole thing have to recycle again.

No mood to work on improvement.

Sometime, I just feel this way. I think I should just leave the building as it is, and not change a thing. When I found this problem, the arrow comes to me. And I am the only one doing it. When I ask for manpower, initially, it is agreed on, and after that, it is taken away because of some urgent job. When trying to teach people on ways of doing it, someone higher will counter it back, and seeing not to cause any argument, I gotta back off, and allow the other to guide them. And when I did not guide them, they would say I do not know a thing about it. Hmm…. Working in technician line seems not to be my bowl of soup…Will I be able to make it till 2010?

Oversea jobs

Some of my friends, are engaged in overseas jobs, and I really feel wanna go oversea and try the meaning of offshore jobs. Such are like Fiona, who is in Hong Kong, Kenichiro who is in Taiwan, Hemant, who is in England, Ban Tiong, Who is in China, Jan, who is in Japan. I really feel like working oversea. But here I am, stuck here. DUH~


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