Sunday, March 16, 2008

200th POST!

200th post~!

With this post, I am formally, and officially, 200th post published today! Yeah.
Looks like it is a hard hard time to come by to reach this stage.
That means I must be blogging for a long time. I think I ams till a small small little fly, because I just turn on blogging often, because of the fun of it.

I actually started long ago, but din have the mood. That is, until I saw an article of how people writes their blogs, so I decided to give it a try.

Home Network fully established

Yay, it is finally donw. I have fully established the wireless networking and now both PC can talk to each other now. Yup.

Windows Vista is really an almost overhaul of the windows XP. A lot of terms used is different, and I really have to go in depth into how the programs works. The most torture thing is to how to make the windows XP and windows VISTA to communicate with each other. And that is the difficult part of it.

It is really a hot hot hot day yesterday. And in the night, it is a cold cold cold night. What have the world going to?

El Nina

According to the Singapore Weather Station, the recent climate changes is due to the phenomena called El Nina. It is a change in the wind current from the south to the north. Normally, this is not noticeable, but the climate changes by the human, have escalate the phenomena and make it noticeable. How to counter? Plant more trees.

Lappy out~

I brought my laptop out last Friday, and well, was testing on some hotspot. IT turns out that certain area, is so weird. I managed to connect to the access point, but the wireless manager comment that it cannot established the network to the internet. So I am trapped in the access point. So weird, I went to other floor and check it out. It turns out that only level 2 of the building can established network to the internet, and as to where is the broadcast device, it must be some distance away. As time is limited, I don’t even bother to find the strongest signal with my wireless detector.

This is so angry also, because two hours ago, I uses my wireless detector to look out to where is the strongest strength. But then, after I uses my laptop, I realized that the wireless detector can detect the wireless signal strength, but it cannot detect whether the access point is connected to the internet, unless the laptop came in.


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