Friday, March 28, 2008

SGD 21.50 Chicken Rice~!

Chatterbox Chicken RiceMardarin Hotel Chicken Rice

How many people have heard of the most expensive chicken rice in Orchard? Answer, it is the chatterbox in mardarin hotel.

I would like to highlight what this hotel is so famouse about. Firstly, it is a very high class of 5 star hotel. And eating a 5 star chicken rice is what makes it so special. It is established in 1971, and they even breed their own chicken, to ensure that the chicken they serves, gives the best quality taste.

Price for it: SGD 21.50++ hmm….it is now served in the 38th storey, rotating gallery. Unfortunately, when I went there, they are not rotating it. So too bad.

From the top of 38th storey, we can see the whole of noneother than, Singapore. Can even see the Indonesia from here as well. It is a pity, when I reached there, it is raining in the north and west. So ca’t see clearly.

Thank Jerry for accompany me to eat in the chatterbox. 

Twinkle before OPSTwinkle

According to my Ka Chen, twinkle, the small little doggie is going through a minor operation. Hmm…. I can see it that twinkle must be very pain, and she is in deep pain indeed. But well, look at the bright side, after all this is over, there will be few cancer left to haunt the live of that cute little doggie. This is the photo of twinkle, taken before she goes for it. Hehehehehe looks like she do not know what is instore for her before this is taken. But I do like this one, because Twinkle is a camera shy dog. To get this photo, I really spend quite a lot of trial shot for it.

Muva lamp

This is something I have discovered about Muva lamp. This is something to hightlight, and perhaps to all other sellers of the Muva lamp.

I find that the muva lamp, is best suited to be used in an air-conditioned room, specifically, a 21 degree celcius and below. This is because for a 30W light, once the wax are heated up, without cooling, The wax will just stay on top longer. And before long, you realized that the room became bright orange, because all the wax have left on the top. In an Air-conditioned room, the wax in Muva lamp, will continue to circulate, because eof heating and cooling effects. So it is better sight for it. Looks pleasing for the eye.

Can see Heeren from here. In shopping mall, you can observe that the wax will flow up and down, is because they are in air-conditioned places. Have you seen those non air-conditioned shop selling Muva lamp? When you bought it home, and you switch it on, you can observe that the wax will keep on staying on top. And they dun drop until long time have passed.

Now I got two, a red in pink water, and a yellow in blue water. As epected, the yellow in blue water, can gives off a third color, a green color.

Hotel to sleep no GO
I am very disappointed with a part of my schedule for next week. Hmm…. Next week, I have worked out a plan, where I will be in study till late night for everyday. And to counter the tiredness, I plan to get a hotel, that gives a cheap rate, so that I can stay in at 2300 after my class, and then check out at 7 in the morning. I have contacted some of the hotel available around the place, but they all do not offer such a service…..Will Ritz Carlton do that for me? Hmm….. but Ritz Carlton is a bit too far, so too bad. Anyway, I think it is also due to the low budget, because for less than $70, who will give such an offer of lettiner a person to sleep for a few hours?

So a new plan have to work out again, to counter this difficulty.


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