Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cash Converter

This is a tip, for those who wants to sell their PC.

The cash converter does not accept PC, thst do not come with a monitor. Aiyah! They should have said so mah. Saya carry that heavy PC like hell like that, yet, they don’t take. In the end, I have to carry it back myself.

That PC, is just been with me for 9 months, but it is sold at $200 to my friend. Hmm… same price as I bought it in ebay. Ha ha. Some may wonder why didn’t I sell it to the Ebay, is because selling through Ebay requires a credit card, and I do not have a credit card. So too bad.

Credit Card Vs Debit Card

Credit Card are a type of transaction that is so call, a credit. Like when you go to a shop, if they allows, the money that you couldn’t foot, you put in into your credit, or so call tab. To me, it is view in a way that this is a way of spending your future money. So it is like you are happy now, but when the month end come, you have to pay up the bill, or it would accumulate in interest. I am not a person who spend wisely, so credit card is definitely not the thing for me. Ha ha, if I have a million dollars, I would spend it right away. But it is a pity I do not have it.

Debit Card

Debit card, is like a card, that have a stored value. It is like a cash card, whatever amount you bump in, it is the top. Any more than what is inside the card, it will be bounced back. For people who have no planning or control over the money, This should be the card.

Master in the old building.

When I was in building A, things is so complicated sometime, because the system are customized in every floor, so they are different. Controlling it is also difficult, because there are many people doing it. Sometime when I do troubleshooting, I faces this big issue, because be it electrical, plumbing, piping, it is all running all over the place.

Working in building B, is so much easy than building A. The electrical , plumbing, are simple, and standard. Once said it goes to this place, it is. And it have been there for many many years, so sometime troubleshooting it is easy. The only problem is that not much thing can be learnt from it. It is all application.


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