Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Man arrested for stealing 22 laptops worth S$42,000

Man arrested for stealing 22 laptops worth S$42,000
Posted: 19 March 2008 0004 hrs
SINGAPORE: A 31-year-old man has been arrested for stealing 22 laptops worth S$42,000.

Police said he had broken into an office unit at an industrial building off MacPherson Road on 14 March.

Following investigations, he was identified and arrested three days later in the same area. All 22 laptops were recovered in a house located off Upper Weld Road.

The accused will be charged in court on Wednesday with the offence of housebreaking and theft by night.

If convicted, he could be sentenced to a jail term of 14 years.

After I have read this article, what would come to your mind?

My first thinking is: What would a man, wanna do with 22 laptops, which is totally useless, if it is sent for sale, and they take up a lot of space at home, and also, it is hard to maintain?

I have a hard time managing 2 cpus, yet, he is taking 22 laptops. Hmm….I have one laptop, and it is already enough for me. This is because, this laptop serves as a internet gateway.

How does IT engineers managed to handle so many many CPUs? Not to include those that is in wireless range.

In IT term, Wireless CPUs are much harder to maintain, because they can add on or “disappear” at will. And security is the least because there are a lot of broadcast and receive occurring between states.

I myself, finds it hard to establish network at home. And well, now that everything is stable, I do not wish to do any more adjustment or changes to it. Wireless is good and convienent, but because security is an issue, therefore, I have to set up some parameters, to ensure that people outside my flat, cannot read my wireless broadcast.

Each CPUs motherboard is also registered to the router, to ensure that only these two PCs are allowed permission to use the wireless. Otherwise, there may have some people hijack the wireless signal.

Although this person managed to steal 22 laptops, I guess he did not consider what would he do with 22 laptops. Hmm… even if you uses PC so fast, you no need 22 laptop bah. Heehee

New Skill

Today, I learnt a new skill in breaking tiles hmm… tomorrow, I will research into how to do it systematcally.

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