Sunday, April 06, 2008

End of second round of lectures.

Examination Result

Finally, the examination result for the first exam is out. Guess what, it is for Operation Management, and I got a Distinction for it. On top of it, it is Higher Distinction. So it can be said I am on the second grade bah.

Yay, reading the result is truly the wonderful of forgetting all those hard things that I went through.

Last week was another yet busy week, cos I have to attend class everyday until 2300. It is quite tiring, because everyday after work, I have to rush to the campus, to attend the lectures and do the tutorials. And well, it was a Korean lecturer, so we all have to tune to his type of English, to understand how he speaks. He is quite a funny guy, who conducts the lectures quite fast and easy for him. And for us, we are trying to keep up to his pace. Hmm…. It is a pity, some of the lecture stuff were not ready, so……

During the break in the lecture, I do get time out, to go to the library to get to the internet, to quickly earn some internet cash through the facbook. I am into the application calls “mob war”.
It is quite a fun game, because it is saying that I am a mob, who is rising to be a tycoon, and after certain experience point, there will be new jobs and new land to buy and earn the money.

Today’s hot day.

Today is really a very hot hot day, because the sun is extrememly hot. With the quick and brief shower rain. I just wish I am in the aircon room sometime.

Rice is rising up

What do you think of the price of the rice rising? It think we should not be bothering much about rice, because it is an essential item, and there is no way avoiding it. Yet, there are families who buys sacks and sacks of rice. They just buy it fo storage, but in the end, if it is not eaten up in time, it would turn up bad. Isn’t this a way of penny wise, pound foolish?

Olympic torch.

Yup, it is setted off now, the Olympic torch is now started to go around the world. Some people seems to hate the Olympic, because there are people who threaten and protest to kill the torch by extinguish it. This is so weird. But sometime, I do wonder is people placing too much attention to the Olympic that they make it a pride by having it conduct in the country?

Survival on air alon

I was browsing the web, and came across this article in the It was saying that there is a type of religion, that seems to be out of this world. It is a type of religion, where they believe that they can eat and drink nothing, yet, can live up. I really wonder is it really true, that you can absorb nutrient from the air, so that you still lives without eating a single food, drink not a single drop of water. Most of the people who try this method, eventually dies, and some even go mad because if permanent brain damage caused by the strict diet.

The creator of the cult, even came up with a reward if there is a person who can get to lives, by eating and drinking nothing. He even claims that there is a 5th dimension, where everyone is in it, and humans are merely a being from the 5th dimension, only that they are trapped in the 3rd dimension world because it is really a big pleasure and temptation to get to taste and live. I think what he says is rubbish.


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