Sunday, May 04, 2008

SPA retreat......FAILED~!

Solo at entrance.Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi

This is a very touching movie that I catch up with recently. It is by Jay Chao, who direct the movie. It is a very sad story, but the ending is very abrupt.

It is a love story, between a couple, and a piano. It begins when Ye Xiang Lun, who is played by Jay Chao, met Lu Xiao Yu in a piano room. Xiao yu fall in love with Xiang Lun at first sight, and find him very impressive, and also, knows that he and her both like the same song.

Little did Xiang Lun knows that, Xiao Yu is from 20 years ago. She is traveling to the future because she chanced upon a musical piece by accident, and found out she can travel to the future. When they were together, Xiang lun and Xiao yu are both happy. But after that, Xiao Yu, found some unintentional things that xiang Lun did that made her sad. She decided not to go and find Xiang Lun anymore. When Xiang Lun became desperate, he began knocking on doors of the future Xiao Yu home, and found out the facts. He discovered even more when he approaches his dad, who is aos Xiao Yu’ teacher. In desperate to get back to Xiao Yu, Xiang Lun risk his life, and get back to the piano, and got back to find Xiao Yu.

It is unknown what happen to both of them, because the ending is very fast. This is really sad sad story, because when Xiao Yu is in the future, only when she opens and sees the first person, can only the person sees her. Other than that, no one else can see the person who came from the past.

It is a really sad and touching love story, I think this can be recommend to people around.

Motor burnout

How would people react, when they would see one motor, first emits smoke, and later burn away? This is what was witnessed, because one contractor recommend to change a 30 KW motor, to 20 KW, but the airflow is designed for a 35KW motor. This is what happens today, in one place, where a wire burnt black, and the motor is in smoke.

It is a really chaotic day today, because no one bother to go inside the air handling unit to check on the motor when electrical circuit devices trip off. Instead, they change the supply and everything, but everyone is reacting rushly, and thus, no one expect that the motor is actually the main culprit that causes all the things today. Duh~

Group Photo at the tableCrab Crab

On Labor day, I went to the east coast with my friends, to the east coast seafood center, to have the taste of the crabs. 3 crabs in total, and it is actually very tasty. It is a pity that I have to work on labour day, and thus. I cannot go and join the cycling and things like that. Anyway, It is quite fun just eating and get to know more friends. 3 crabs in total and everything amount to near to thousand. Wow. It really is quite expensive, but it is quite good to have a taste of more stuff little by little rather than eating in a small group.

Drug Lord stopped

I have stopped playing drug lord now, cos it is quite tiring playing it and waiting for the price to drop and stuff like that. I am now into Mob War, quite rich now, but still trying to get more money, and then, I will start buying weapons and start fighting around. Just wait there, to those who keeps on attacking me. I am the “ORCarrier” wo. Hee hee

SPA retreat

This is so sad, I travel all the way to the SPA center, and found out that the SPA is not open today. I am really in need of that, because throughout the week of hard work, the last thing that I have in mind a a good SPA retreat. Yet, when I reached there, it is closed for maintenance. If I have the tools on hand, I would get down and repair it myself, personally. But the technicians are not around. Anyway, without the SPA, I go for a swim, and swim a few round, and stay by to relax all my muscles. It is quite a hot hot day today, and thus, I went for the swim in the late afternoon. It is quite crowded today, probably because it is a hot day today, so everyone flock to the swimming pool to get into the dunk. Ha ha.

Xiao Lan

As I was relaxing today, I was suddenly thought of Xiao Lan. She is my ex-gf, and I taught her how to swim in that swimming pool. I couldn’t stop thinking how is she getting on, because this is perhaps some memories bah. Sometime, it is what all that matters, but I just couldn’t get her off my mind sometime bah. It have been more than six months since I last met her. Maybe she prefers to concentrate more into her study, and prefers not to meet me. But no matter what, I just wish her well in her study and work. Maybe with me aorund it would be the obstacle between Xiao Lan and her dream. For her, I would have to step back......


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