Monday, April 14, 2008

Tolong Tolong

Project notification

Just when I thought study could get any tougher, look at this, an email reminding me about the project submission deadline. Oh NO~! I have not even planned what to do, and gotta submit a written proposal tomorrow. Not even discussed with anyone about it.

Panic panic. Now how? Hu xi hu xi. Anyway, Gotta come up with another strategy to cope with study, work, projects. How to tahan wo.

Anyway, I was very surprised how high can the taxi fare go to. Did you know that the fareprice for taxi have increased so much? Just a 2.4 km, It cost me nearly $10~! Am I seeing things? Or am I dreaming?

KL trip

I just realized that I have mentioned about this KL trip some time back, and seems that I did not put up any photos regarding the KL trip. Hmm….

Integrating 4 circuits.

I am into integrating 4 electrical circuits, into one whole compartment. Looks very tedious, but, if they are complete, they sure will work with one another. Hmm…up to today, I only finished wiring the power supply, and then I got this email about the project. Duh. Now I am blur blur what to do next.

Milo Fluffy.

Have you tried this Milo Mcfluffy? It is similar to Mcfluffy. Yup yup. And guess what, the only disappointment, is that milo mcfluffy only have vanilla flavour. If it have chocolate ice cream instead of Vanilla ice cream, it would be great, because a lot people like chocolate ice cream.

Nothing much to say now.


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