Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Power tripping in the least expected place

How is it that, there are something new each day? Yesterday, building A have a big power tripping, and it is causing us a lot of problem. This morning, armed with a detector, I managed to catch this tripping, which everyone were least expected. Haih. This is so sad. A wild guess, actually got us the solution. It must be GOD’s blessing.

This morning, the train seems to be slow along the ang mo kio and bishan. It is darn lucky that I set off to work early every morning. Giving me extra allowance, and also, because rhte train that I am taking is in the morning, the chain reaction effect is less. My friend who boarded the train to work at 9, says the train is extremely slow. Are the maintenance people sleeping or something? How come so many problem de wo? Even before that, just two days ago, the train also stall in the evening.

Two electrical circuits

I am now into creating two electrical circuits. One citcuit is for a alarm bellm, so that the bell will ring, just like it is time for morning briefing, afternoon briefing.

The second circuit is more challenging. It is to integrate 4 circuits into one, and to rewire into an automatic mode. Previously, there is one relay controlling the power, now, as there are 8 devices, the relay is split into 6 relays and 2 contactors.

Hardwiring is quite difficult. It reminds me of the use of a PLC, because by using PLC, it is easier, as we just do the simple hard wiring, and then, use the program to control. Whereas, this electrical circuit is a pure hardwire automation. Hmm… Could take a long day, maybe I would do it on Sunday, when I have a lot of time to do it.


Have you watched Rambo, all the series? I just completed watching the Rambo 2, 3, 4. IT is very nice, and each sequel is more exciting than the other. They uses the contemporary war at that time, to make the movie. In Rambo 2, it is the Russia war. In the Rambo war, it is the middle east War, and in Rambo 4, it is the Burma. I think in my opinion, the Rambo 2 is the best. This is because it is showing how Rambo go into the enemy base, to capture back the POW, prisoner of war. He managed to grab this chopper, and use it back against them.

Sometime I wonder, is there really a Rambo in the reality? Hmm….

Scissor hoist Vs Scaffolding

How many people would prefer a scaffolding? Scissor hoist are a type of machine, that lift a person and his equipment up to the ceiling, and do the repair work. Scaffoldings are using rods and metal bar, and platforms to assemble into an elevated platform.

Scaffolding are less preferred by most people, because they find it troublesome to assemble and dismantle. I think scaffoldings are actually, a proper tool to use. This is because it uses human energy to move the things, and any slope, it can be adjusted, to the degree of the slope.

Scissor hoist, they requires electrical to power them up. They move very slow, and difficult to navigate. It requires the site to have a level ground, or else, it would have a chance to topple.

A 2 layer scaffolding actually only took 5 minutes to assemble, and 5 minutes to dismantle. I think all that it took is 10 minutes. But no one seems to be able to see my point. Duh~.

My biggest worry is that, the scissor hoist does not belong to us, but another contractor. If the contractor spoilt it, and we are bad luck to get it, people have the chance to put the blame on us. And even worse, they can demand for a new one, should the scissor hoist be damaged. Hmm….


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