Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Working hardship

It's actually kinda irritating that you are saying that I made a wrong decision.
Why are you trying to change my decision?

And now you are really getting on my nerves.
But you are at a more senior position than me and thus I cannot ask you to stop saying anything.
It actually does get on my nerves.
Because I do not think it is good to go back on my words.

Instead of being supportive, you are actually discouraging ALL my decisions.
If I had known all these in the beginning, I would not have told you anything.
What's this crap about calling the person back and saying that you want it back?
And what's the crap about telling you first?
Really, I dont feel close enough to do so.
And if it's so bad, why are they even getting awards for their works and how can you even work without them?

And what is so good about being in your line?
People have likes and dislikes.
You should learn to respect my decision instead of coming on so strongly and then giving me all your crap about me making the wrong decisions.


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