Sunday, April 27, 2008

Doomsday doomed.


Doomsday is a very gory show. Hmm… this I must admit, when they shoot, it really shows the blood splashing all over the place, head roll, and you can even see eye move with the body detached and a real person cooked alive, and people eating the meat.

Doomsday begins with a virus that have no cure, no vaccine, and kills everyone, who have been contacted with the blood of an infected person. It starts showing that a part of Britain was totally infected that a great steel wall is built to contain the person in it. There are gun turrets aiming it, and kills anything it moves. Planes are not allowed to go inside, for fear that the infected people will hijack a plane, and infect the world outside the wall. Ironically, when the virus somehow spread to outside 20 years later, the people outside the wall, discovered a person walking inside the wall, and was convinced and determine to get hold of a cure, because they believe that someone somehow is cured, and wish to get the antibody. So they sent a team inside to find it.

The ending is quite sad, because when the people inside are cured, the people outside are infected, and another round of killing begins.

A shocking 5000Volt electricity.

Two days ago, I got into an accident, and it is a darn stupid accident. One of my friend have a problem locating a power source, and seeing that he cannot get it, I climb up, and dig for it. This is because one of the transformer ballast is faulty, and I keet diffing for it. Then, suddenly, I was thrown off the ladder, and knocked on the wall, and my partner who was holding the ladder was repelled away from the ladder. After everything became clear again, I tried another time, and found out that I actually touched a live cable of 5000Volt, and the wire is left exposed, and I actually touched it, no wonder the reaction is so great de loh. Anyway, I got a taste of a 5000Volt power shock. Luckily, I have some protection on, otherwise, you could be seeing a charcoal person.

Study, study, study

Nowadays, study is really quite tedious, with endless works, revision, feels that time seems to be against me all the time. Hmm…. Is taking this part time course a mistake? Sometime I really wonder this.

Drug Lord

I am not so much into drug lord these days, this is because sometime, the market is really dunno how they operates. No matter how hard I play, I still cannot get into the top 100

Anyway, I am into Friends for sale, and the Mob war. Mob war is quite difficult, because the money are constantly stolen by other people. So sometime, I want to earn money to a certain degree, thenc an buy my land and earn money. But these people seems to always want to pick me for a fight. Hmm…

23rd April

This is the day, one of my friend is having a birthday. So sad, I din realize it. Until when I fall asleep and woke up in the early morning 3AM.


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