Monday, April 28, 2008

Epson printer brought alive~! WOOHOO~!

Changi Airport Terminal 3Epson printer resuscitated

Today, I managed to bring a printer that is disposed by some people, perhaps a rich peoples back to live again.

This is the Epson C43UX. This is a rather old printer, I think, The reason why people throw, is perhaps it is jammed halfway during printing. I noticed this printer when I was “paying a visit” to the rubbish compactor. At this time, I was actually thinking over whether to buy a printer or not. Thank you Jesus, I saw the printer that is on the floor. I was asking the old man who was guarding the area, and he tell me that someone throw it away, and I can have it. I brought it home, and to find out why people throw away, found out that it is because that sometime, during the printing, it would jam halfway. I dismantled it down, and found out that one of a metal plate was bent, and it stopped the print head from traveling. So I remove the plate, and alter it, and after reassembled back, the printer goes into life again.

On discovering that the printer have no ink, I bought a new ink today, and feed it in. and guess what, the printer printed smoothly, and the only thing that it lack now is a USB cable. Woohoo, a $19.80 printer~! And that is minus the re-engineer fee. Hee hee.

I was out while looking for the printer ink, I noticed that the printer ink are quite expensive, and it is to great dismay, I think the engineers should read this. The printers that are manufactured nowadays, are designed in such a way, that all the ink tank must be present in the printer, before it can operate. That is to say, if you are going to print a monochrome, You still have to put in the colour cartridge, and only after both color and black ink are present, the printer will print. If one of the ink tank is short, your printer will not work.

I have a bad experience with one of the brother printer. it is a multifunctional printer, that can print, scan and fax. The down side of it is that it is a ink tank printer, and all the ink must be full. a single empty cartridge it receives, it would not work at all. and the ink really would dry up by itself very FAST~! just 3 months! I had it so bad, that I sell it off, because it really sounds stupid, that you need to insert color cartridge when you are only required to print monochrome faxes only. Since then, I have phobia for Lexmark, Brother and HP printers. The thought of bringing a HP printer to the service center every month just freak me out~!

I guess canon did a really great job in letting me get in touch with Canon Multipass in the past. Will talk more it it in later part.

We take a particular example. A printer that uses 4 ink tanks, one black ink cost $23.50, and the color ink cyan, yellow, magenta cost $19.90 each. It would cost approx $80++ to refill a totally empty printer.

However, if you get a black ink, with color ink, three combination type, it cost $21.50 for black, $32.50 for color, it cost $54 t refill a totally empty printer.

As they are a bubble ink, it would dry up by itself over time, and that is why, there is a time limit of 6 months for bubble jet ink cartridge after opening.

Canon Multipass C20

Well, I still misses my Canon Multipass C20 printer. This is a really great printer at my time. It is a printer, scanner and a fax machine. The ink is quite expensive for color, but the black ink is cheap, and huge to print a lot of paper with one single cartridge. It was an accident of how the printer went dead.

This is because I installed a speaker on top of the printer. And it was a custom rack, that hold the printer above the HP pavilion at that time. Then one day, because the wall plug is not deep enough, the speaker dropped, and hit the printer. When I went home, both the speaker and the printer is on the floor. Duh. Since then, I do not have a printer anymore.

It is a pity, that canon does not manufacture this printer anymore. But it really is a durable and the ink is quite convenient.

Shop shop shop

As I was walking in Best Denki today, I was look at how printer are priced, and seems that multifunctional printers are quite cheap these days. It is a pity that the bubble jet ink dry up by itself. I am also looking into laser printer, but it is expensive in term of the printer itself, and also the ink cartridge. But it is only beneficial if there is a lot of printer to print. This is because the breakeven is when printer a lot can save if compared with the bubble ink type.

Bubble Ink Printer

A single charged ink cartridge can print approximate 800 pages, but a single charge laser cartridge prints approximate 3000 pages. Single charge ink cartridge cost $55, taken the color type, it would cost $0.06875 per page using a two ink cartridge.

Ink Tank Printer

If using 4 ink cartridge, it cost $80, making $0.1 per page. Take note this can be lower because ink tank printers may have left over ink after printing 800 pages.

Laser Printer

A laser toner cost $120, and it prints 3000 pages. This would make it that it would cost $0.04 per page. So which would you choose? A bubble jet printer, ink tank printer, or laser printer. Another plus point is that the laser toner are built to last as long as it is stored in a cool dry place. So that the powder ink would stay dry.

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