Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shocked till sot

Unshielded testpen

A very and most stupidest mistake. Using an unshielded testpen, and do wire connection. How many time do I have to be shocked, before I would believe that electricity are very dangerous?
Some people are so used to electric shock, that they treat it as a massage. As for me, I am still not reached that kinda stage.
Do you know, that testpen, a small one, are usually shielded tool? I have two test pen, one is a tap and test, and another is a broken, but still can be used to tighten screws, and poke poke poke. And in the event of great anger, I may use it for stabbing. Heehee.

Anyway, The testpen was damaged by the shield, and I uses it to do a small connection under the live wiring. DUH, stupid me go and accidentally touched the unshielded part, and shock again. Was on the ladder, and drop down. Luckily, there are people around, else, I may be fainted. And as usual, pick myself up and do another time, this time, with a insulation tape around the unshielded part. Never make the same mistake twice.

Mother’s Day

What do people do for mothers day wo? As for me, haih, father’s day is never a day will pass by again, so I treasure mother’s day with my mum. Did some arrangement today. So on the day itself, there is a plan in placed. And to make things even better, there is a backup plan. And DUH~! The mood is spoilt, because of some curious cat. MEOW you know what I am taking about hee hee


Today, I readjusted the aircon that is on top of me. Hee hee. This is because during the breakdown, many people panic, and adjust one damper that is optimised for the particular temperature. They just set it fully open, and thus, my area was so cold, I have to re-calibrate the aircon that is blowing towards me, and tune the small fan. My place have a small fan, as a matter of fact, 4 small fans to be precise. This is to make life easy for me, so that when I am hot, I can switch it on, and the fan will draw all the cold air to my place. Then, if I am cool enough, I would switch it off, and the temperature that come to my side, will not be cold to the chill. Well, this is if people understand the system, then they can do the adjustment, but calculation is very important, because one area may affect another place.


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