Sunday, May 25, 2008

Exam finished, but no yay. :(

Examination ends~!

Finally~! The exam is finished for PPC. So PP~! hmm…. Pipi reminds me of a friend’s doggie name, who is pipi as well.
Anyway, I have one day left to play with, before the other subject kicks in on Monday. Duh, why is it have to be on Monday?

Tomorrow is a heretic day. This is because, I gotta go and get a hair cut, take out one faulty hard drive for my desktop. This is because one of the hard drive have been stopped since dunno when, and well, have to get an transformer, to rewire it into the desktop.

I have observed that the desktop may have the chance of experiencing thermal shock, because the 8 cooling fan that is on top of the desktop stops immediately after the desktop stops. So I am thinking of adding on a separate power source for the 8 cooling fan, so that they will continue running even after the desktop is switches off. And it will go to the main supply.

Gotta do wiring for the laptop also, because the power supply for the laptop is way too far, and operates by so many switches. I am thinking of pulling one wire to the table, so that I don’t have to go so far to switch on and off the power.
Then, I gotta get some food for night dinner, and it is guess what, stone cooking again. I am so enthusiastic about this new cooking technique. Only my mum doesn’t like it, because it makes the room oily.

IT have been ages since I got a chance to read up on two books, and arrange one of the drawers. Looks like quite a busy day for me tomorrow.
Wish I have magic power, or a robot who can rearrange my stuff at home.

Mail box

This is a movie that I caught recently. it is called "xing xiang" in chinese. It is a movie made in China, and it is a love story, ghost story, mystery story and a investigating story.

Though not quite well made, but, the story require people to think into it, because the scene skips very fast, and have to connect them together in pieces, to know who is the real "Xiao Yue"

It started off about one guy and girl, walking in the grassland romantically. It is an event taken place 40 years ago, about two loving couple. Then, it became to the present day, where this guy called zheng chuan read the letter column in the magazine, and found out that the scene described by a writer called xiao yue is very familiar to his childhood friend.

He make calls to the editor, and foudn out that xiao yue is dead. Then, he also receives emails from the so called dead xiao yue, and was tramatised and went to search for her, and misses her so much.

After that, the man fall ill and landed in the hospital, who was nursed by a nurse, who have seen xiao yue died. She speak of it, and say that she is a teacher. When zheng chuan received email by xiao yue, he keeps on going to look for her, but xiao yue seems to be avoiding him.

Zheng chuan was so anxious, that he even rent the house, which xiao yue rented when she is alive. He sits by the table with the photo everyday.

As this is a mystery movie, I think I should not speak more into it. But the ending is in the end, a girl died, and zheng chuan became mad, and was lost in his mind. The secretary who is in love with zheng chuan, was devastated because zheng chuan ignores her and fall for a dead person.

The setting is quite dark sometime, because of the flash back. but the story will be reveal at the back. and it will also disclose who si the Xiao Yue in the movie, and why Xiao Yue is avoiding him in the past after one night.


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