Friday, May 23, 2008

Stone Cooking

Stone cooking prawns, Salmon and EggStone cooking

How many people have wondered about this cooking technique? This is a very ancient & natural method of cooking used by the Egyptians, Vikings and many other civilisations.
In the world of aluminium, stainless steel, gas of age, many people have forgotten about this cooking technique called stone cooking.
During a scavenge round, I chanced upon a granite stone. And this is a highly polished granite stone, which is thick. (and heavy)
It reminds me of stone cooking, and was very appeal to the idea. I brought it home, and try cooking on it. It really works quite well~!
As it is polished, cooking is very easy. I just put it on top of the hot stove, and heat it up for 10 minutes, and then, bring it to the dining table, then put the food to be cook. And it cooks very well!
Stone cooking is a very low fat technique, because there is no need of use for oil. Just put any food on it, it will first sizzle, and then cook constantly. As the temperature of the stone drop, the food is cooked evenly. This is because by the time it cools down, the food is done. As a first experiment, I cook with some prawns, egg and a salmon fish. Taste really nice.
Stone cooking prawns, Salmon and EggI am taking one suggest from a friend, who say to cook with bacon and prawn. Wonder how is it taste like. But I am still waiting for the next available opportunity.
Food cooked on your stone grill tastes fresh because it is cooked with no fat or oil and is healthier for you than other conventional methods of cooking. The heat of the stone sears the outside of the food locking in the taste and flavour. Meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, eggs, fruit or bread, in fact almost anything is suitable for cooking on the stone.
How ever, because of the hefty price of the stone, due to highly polish condition, this is quite expensive if it is to be sold in the market. Luckily for me, This is free.

Sick Season?

Recently, one of my close friend is sick. Wow, sick with a cough, shiver and a stomach-ache. A three hit combo. Wow. And two of my colleague is also down with cough. Is the coughing season arriving?
I am so afraid that I would get it. Gotta exercise around, so as to avoid getting these disease. Came to think of it, I am exercising everyday. Getting a stroll everyday, running and sometime, jumping. Hmm….

Warming up food tooWindows Office 2007

Just newly installed, the internet PC now have a program called Microsoft office 2007. It is a very expensive piece of software, but in term of doing work, it is really useful. Just click and drag. I was very impressed and sees it have a completely turnover from the previous office product. The first would be the menu. The menus are consist of a lot of drop out menus, and getting around the icons is hard. Looks like I have to get a time out to study how this software works.

Examination tomorrow~!

Tomorrow, 24th May, would be my second examination. Yet, here I am blogging away. Am I studying too hard to be crazy now?


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