Monday, June 30, 2008

Nokia HP Battery Defects?

Before HP charge, 6.52mmAmazing Discovery

I have noticed something about this HP battery of mine some time back, and did a amazing discovery.
One of my battery BP-6M from nokia, have the ability to expand when it is fully charged, and then, it contract back after it is discharged.
Is this the defect or not, I don’t know. Not even the customer service officer at the Nokia is able to answer back.
This is how it goes.
Before the battery is charged, it is measured with a precision venier dial caliper. It is measured 6.52mm.
After the battery is fully charged, the battery is taken out again, and measured 7.30mm.
After charged, 7.30mmSo after charged, it is actually expanded 0.78mm.
After that, I called up the Nokia center, and it really is a long time, perhaps it is a peak period. When I managed to get hold of it, they cannot promise a guarantee of 1 for 1 exchange, because they do not know a thing about it.
So here it is, if I have a defect HP battery, I need to have the receipt, to proof that the battery is still under warranty.
So: If I trust your product, I think I can just throw away the receipt, because I don’t bother to change a thing because I trusted your product.
Another word, if I do not trust your product, I will not mind keeping the receipt, just in case.
So now, I am holding a battery, which may have a chance of malfunction, and I cannot do a thing about it.
What’s next?

Command and Conquer, Kane’s Wrath DELETED~!

This is the most stupidest action I did. I have finally complete command and conquer, and was quite puzzled about the ending. This is because the main aim of the objective, is that Kane wants to retrieve the Tacitus from the GDI, who have taken the Tacitus from Kane.
Along the way, Alexa Kovacs, came in a rage, and betrayed Kane. Then when Kane found out about it, he ordered an execution of Alexa.
So the story actually have a vivid identical to the Tiberium War, because somewhere in the game, another faction actually betrayed Kane.
Anyway, after I have completed the campaign, I thought there is another campaign, and click on the New campaign. And DUH~! The entire previous game is deleted, and I have to start all over again.
Anyway, I am keen in venturing into the game’s other faction’s capability.

Global Conquest

Would you believe, that I slept during the tutorial of the Global conquest? Global conquest is a sub game in the Command and Conquer Kane’s wrath. In the Global conquest, it looks like the other game called “Rome” Yup, if you are into the strategy games, you may come across this game. Similar to Rome, Global Conquest is like a board game, let you pre-determine what to build, where to move your arme, and then ends your turn. And when you reached the battle, you can choose to auto resolve, or play on scene.
I won’t be into the Global conquest, because it is quite boring to me. Perhaps it is good to those who like this.


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