Sunday, July 06, 2008

Nokia BP-6M battery

Battery that risk exploding

Do you still remember the battery that expands that I showed in the previous post? I came across the newspaper article few days later from the Xin ming newspaper, and foudn out that I am not the only one who discovered this "ingenious" discovery about the changes in size.
According to the newspaper, this is a defect from a batch of the battery production after the first person discovered it in hong kong.

So I am one of the bad luck person who is holding on to the faulted battery. As I called up the nokia center again, the counter staff is not aware of the situation, and DO NOT BELIEVE that this is happening, and wants me to queue up at the customer service center and show them the newspaper article.

EXCUSE ME~! this is the age of information flow fast. How is it that the phone operator do not know a thing about this battery things, since it is already on the newspaper? And the most stupid thing that he says is that if the battery is out of warranty, we have to bear the cost of replacing it. How are they going to know that I got the faulted battery? This is quite stupid answer that I received. I have quoted to you the date and the newspaper, and yet, he just say he doesn't know a thing about it after asking all his colleague. Is the information in the Nokia center having a problem?

What if, I spend my time to queue up at the customer service center for 1 hour, and the person tells me there is nothing wrong with this battery, what is to be done?

Anyway, It is not the money that counts, but the safety. What if I was using the Nokia phone halfway and the battery explode, after the warranty period? or worse, in the warranty period? who is going to take the blame for the faulted battery??


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