Saturday, July 05, 2008

Electricity Up up up

Bill for the month of JuneHave you noticed this in your electricity bill?

Is something really wrong with our electricity Meter?
This is something that caught my attention in the newspaper lately. It is saying that electricity bills for the electricity is getting almost two fold for the month of electricity.

But given the same rate from May and June, The electricity should be kept the same if the lifestyle of the electricity is not changed. Moreover, there is this power saving campaign going on as well.
As I read the article, I go to my Bill, and found out true enough~! The electricity clocked almost TWO FOLD~!

What actually is wrong? I did not uses the Aircon lately, the water heater is still controlled by the timer, the TV is seldom on, the PC is also only on in the weekend as always, HOW DID THE ELECTRICITY GO UP~??
I went to check on my meter, and it is only two weeks it have already clocked near to 300KWH~!

When the spokeman for the Forum in TODAY say it is because there is a change in lifestyle of the people in the month of JUNE, I DON'T BELIEVE IT~!

How can a regular usage that fluctuate around 350 goes up to 568KW? That is a 38% increase~!

No aircon, timer controlled water heater, same lifestyle, 300KWH in two weeks~!
I reall think something is very wrong here. I think perhaps a logging device should be placed on my power supply, to find out which equipment is it that causes it, and compare it next month~!

If there is some cheating going on, I also would like to know how is it DONE~!
IS this a scheme of getting us to install a Solar panel or what?


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