Monday, July 07, 2008

1 Assignment FINISHED~!

1 Down

Finally~! One assignment is completed~! I am so happy today~!
This is one assignment that really made me scratch my tiny little so hard, that I almost become bald.

What’s next? 9 more topics to go, and two of them is the most headache, and it is still a long way to go. I feel like crying sometime.
Why is it that I cannot have a life like anyone else? After work, go home, bath, talk to people, playing games, and then sleep. Why am I still studying wo?

Usefulness of PC with Printer and scanner

It is at this time, I found out how useful it is to have both printer and scanner combined PC. Both the printer and scanner are connected to the master PC, and printer today seems to be maximized the performance when I need it the most. And it is Jesus who gave me that printer last time. It was the free, but not totally free Epson C43UX. Why is it free is because I found this printer disposed by some people, and brought home to nurse it and repair it back to good health. Then, I get the ink tank for that printer. At first, it is not printing well, but today, it seems to be getting a clearer print, something that never happened before, because last time when it prints, some of the words are blur one. Thank You Jesus once again~!
Scanner will be that Scanjet, and it is a very faithful scanner. Though it is large and bulky, but it sure still survive from the generation of the pavilion. Would you believe this scanner is more than 10 years old? I remembered my $6000 investment, and this scanner is part of the $6000 PC investment 10 years ago. It is the only survival since the Pavilion age.


Pavilion is my first “decent” PC, and it is from the HP. The desktop is quite good, until the age caught up with it, and became slow. Before the pavilion PC, the PC before then are salvaged PC and have to put up with the slow slow 40286 speed.

Command and Conquered~!

Yet once again, I have completed the Command and Conquer Kane’s Wrath. Yippy, so happy yet again. This is now clearer as I watch the ending for the second time. It seems there is a continuation of the command and conquer again, because in the ending, Kane have seized the tacitus from the GDI, and downloaded it to the computer mainframe. So it expanded the mainframe’s intelligence, and goes into the alien world. Hmm…. But It is really realistic, and I believe there must be a lot of programming involved. And Nope, I still don’t like the global conquest which is the sub of the game.


All thanks to Ivan, I found another site, that can enhance my internet use again. This web site is called Viwawa. It seems to be a game, that you can groom up a character, and also win money. It have some games, that you can participate in it, and then, win some gold out of it to buy decent clothing and doll it up.
The site is Http:// Have to register for it.


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