Tuesday, July 08, 2008

New game learned: Hai, Sushido~!


This is a new game I learnt today~! It is called sushido in Viwawa.

All thanks to Mr Drexler, I got to know a new game in Viwawa called Sushido.
Just as I was thnking Wahjong is boring, I found out the way of playing Sushido, and is very fun, haha

So the playing method of sushido is to wait for the owner to start, then the game will start. The ruke of playing is to swap one item, so that three sushi will be the same, and points will be given.

If you managed to get a combo hit, it will worth more.
I am currently in Level 1, so not much to explore.
There are some special skills one, but maybe next time bah.

Although Viwawa is an online game, but...I cannot play it from the office, cos no time to play it. Duh.

Anyway, basically I uses the PC in the office to do my paperwork, so din really go much into it.

Yesterday was florence's birthday, hmm...I was wondering what is her birthday date actually, cos it seems the friendster called to say it is the 7th July, but my info was some weeks back. hmm...


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