Friday, July 11, 2008

Poor little finger

Stupid metal piece

Today is really not my day. First in the morning, the computer that controls lighting broke down, and have to walk around, and then the video line signal suddenly went missing, and in the last, while helping a person pulling a wall plug, one small metal splinter went into my small little finger and refuse to bulge out.
The metal piece would be the one that takes the most time, cos I have to go to the clinic, which could not take it out, and have to go to another clinic and do surgery to remove it.

Duh, I hate going to the clinic, cos it is a very long wait.
From 1400, I waited in the first clinic till 1500, and then was advised to go to another clinic, because they do not have the facility to do the surgery.
Then after that, have to go to another clinic, and it took another 1 hour of wait, for my turn, and I really dozed off, until the phone woke me up.
It is a pity I did not managed to get a picture of the metal piece, because it went missing in the surgery. A small little metal, pierced deep in the flesh, can cause great pain.
I din know that it was that serious, that I have to go to the surgery room, just to remove one small little metal, and it is really hard to get it out, since it is deep in it. After that, the doctor have no choice but to cut a part of the skin off, to reach the metal piece, which is about 2 mm long.
This is so sad.

Weibull analysis

I was going through the lecture notes, and do not understand about one topic. It is the Weibull Analysis. It seems that this topic is quite difficult to understand, because the weibull analysis is about taking statistics, and make it into a bathtub curve. Hmm….


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