Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hot day + Hot day = (Hot day)^2

New phone has arrived

This is so cool, I am getting a new phone, because my phone contract is expiring soon.
Hmm… well, if you are asking me what phone am I getting, It is definitely be a Nokia. Hee hee.
This is because I am very familiar with the Nokia functions. And also, The speaker is quite loud, which is what I hope. I may still continue to use the Nokia 6233 anyway, cos it is number 1, still functioning, and number 2, it can connects and startup the camera fast, and last but not least, I love the speaker, which is loud and clear.
It is a pity it is no longer manufactured, cos I will definitely buy the new 6233. Heehee.

House project

I am into revising the light switches in my house soon, cos I finds the switches are old, and I am thinking of changing them, so it can be safe, and reliable. Afterall, after some years, there is a need to change the device, otherwise, it can break or cause short circuit.

Hot hot day

34 degree today~! That is what the thermometer says. Wow, is the greenhouse effect returning? Why the hot day ar? Is someone burning things again? Anyway, car exhaust really contributes quite a lot to the environment. I have even seen the smoke emits by just one cars, and just imagine, millions of millions of cars are on the roads around the world, and it really adds a lot of carbon dioxide to the world.


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