Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nokia N81. Disappointing.

This is some photo so show people how the $250 dollars peach looks like. I think this peach must be very good because it is from japan, and people who holds special function can actually get this for the finction.

Then, there is a pair of melon, up for $88 as well. As the price tag indicated, it is from japan. It is available in Marketplace. And among these, there are some other fruits which bears unique price.

Last Friday, I also get this mussels for dinner as well. We are cooking pasta, so as I was walking, I noticed this packet of mussels, which is also bears a unique price. This is a pack of some fresh black lips mussels from Spring Bay. According to the label, it said these mussels are home grown in deep sea of tasmiania, which is in Australia. Feeling curious, I made up my mind to get this for the pasta. These mussels, cute and still alive when it is opened. They open and close their lips, and the fresh air of the sea can be smell upon the first opening.

The water inside seems to be the same sea water in Tasmania. It could be the reason why the mussel are still alive, because the water inside is still sea water. The mussels are de-bearded, and quite clean. The tray is also very tough. No wonder it cost so high.

Cooking them in the same sea water, the mussels are cooked, and then cooked with the tomato sauce, and put on the plate. It have a lot of mussels, which I didn’t count them. Can use it for 4 servings of pasta.
The taste? It is really tender and fresh. There is a salty taste, as if it was really eating in Tasmania. Yum yum. Together with the pasta, it is with the spinach, mushroom.

Nokia N81

Yup, I got this nokia phone at last. It is the N81, and it is a sliding phone. This is probably the new type of phone with new menu screen. I couldn’t seems to get in touch with the menu instantly because it really is a great leap from the nokia 6233. The speaker is lo9ud, but my 6233 is still the best speaker. The only dismay is that it failed to detect my jabra headset. Dunno what causes it. Anyway, The music player is really difficult for me to navigate. Imagine, I classify my songs into folders, and withing the sub folders there are sone songs by the same artist. But the music player only recognize the title, author and album, and others. So if I want to open a songs in the folder with a lot of other singers mixed, and not the other folder, this cannot be done. Cos it only recognize the singers.

Anyway, The other disappointment is that it can only be cable connect with the pc. No memory card, no Bluetooth connection with the N81. So if I lost the cable, that’s the end. And when connected to PC, moving of photo files will takes a long time, because it copies slowly. Unlike the other phone, after the images are saved in the memory card, it can be removed and connect to PC, and edit the image is rapidly moved and copied, rather than using cables.
Did I mention that the memory of N81 is 8GB embedded? So with embedded, only can transfer the files through cable connection only.


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